Cream Soda

My first cream soda. I’ll never forget it. My mom bought a six pack of IBC cream soda and put one in the freezer. Just before it froze she took the clear bottle out and popped the top. I could see the light amber colored liquid freeze to soft slush. She put her lips to the lid and tilted her head back, tapped the bottle with one hand and the slush fell to her mouth. She drank and then handed the bottle to me. I did the same. I did not know what to expect, yet, when I tasted it, it was everything I hoped for; frozen, creamy, sweet. It’s been a favorite of mine since.

I have not had cream soda in long time. I’d forgotten about it until yesterday when I had a Dum Dum’s cream soda lollipop. The memories of the drink flooded back and I allowed myself to indulge in the thought of having one right then and there. I have stopped making it the practice of doing that since it only makes me want what I can’t have. Yesterday was so hot though, and it would have been so nice.

Also yesterday we said “goodbye” to the last team of the summer and the last of four teams from a church in MN. This church was unexpected. They sought the ministry out seemingly out of the blue, and first came for a “vision trip” with the team leaders in December. December. A hard month I remember. Only a month after Hurricane Richard, Ellis being born, and I was having the infectious fever during that time. The church came and immediately became a blessing to us. They were kind and helpful. They put up Christmas decorations and had long encouraging conversations with us. From then on, we worked with them to organize the four teams that came here June-August.

Someone asked me why I get so excited when their teams came. Well, imagine the day I will have cream soda again; they are welcome friends that we have been waiting for since December.They came and they were like cream soda: a sweet and joyful experience. They did a great job in the village and they also ministered to our hearts. We have forged lasting friendships and a partnership for the summer with them.

Every team is different, every team is special. I have fond memories with many teams that come here. And, I will fondly call my MN teams my “Cream Soda Team”.

6 thoughts on “Cream Soda

  1. Jennifer Bjorgen

    I’m glad the teams were such a blessing and encouragement to you, your family, and the village. What direction is your ministry taking now that the summer team season has ended? Love to all, Mom

  2. That’s the greatest compliment! We feel the same way about you. We are absolutely thankful to partner with you in ministry and support you in any way in the great work that God has for you. So many of us are blessed by knowing you, being led by you, and being taught by you. We love you dear friends!

  3. Caroline P.

    I’m just now reading this, Mel. I love the “word-picture” you created about the cream soda and how you likened it to the sweetness of your church friends. Beautiful writing!

  4. Donna Chapman

    I remember IBC cream soda (is that a DC thing?) but I never put it in the freezer! Wonderful post honoring wonderful people….and that includes you and John!

  5. Jodi Strava

    Thank you for sharing your childhood memory as well as the latest memories created by your brothers and sisters from MN. These words were refreshing to my spirit. Once again, I am blessed by your ministry, based so far away. May God continue to bless and use you and your family to further his kingdom through your ministry in Belize.

  6. […] brought a team again this year.  Last year they came I referred to them on this blog as my “cream soda team“.  We have formulated lasting friendships with this church and many of our friends came down […]

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