Close Call, a Blessing and Continue Praying

My mom was able to book another flight out of Williamsburg, VA for TOMORROW. She was supposed to meet me in Atlanta on Friday. Now, she gets to spend the night and help me through the airport on Friday. What a blessing.

Please pray for my mom, Sally, and my Stepfather Matt and sister Jessica as they have to wake up early to shovel snow and travel the roads to VA. Pray for protection for them. Pray also that tomorrow is a smooth day for them and that shoveling mounds of snow will not be difficult or that God would send someone to help them.

More on my thoughts on leaving the US later…

2 thoughts on “Close Call, a Blessing and Continue Praying

  1. Donna Chapman

    Oh, God….ONLY YOU know the plans you have for us and ONLY You can bring them to pass. Help Mel and family look to you in faith and trust.


  2. Mike Adams


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