Blessings and Burdens

We are very happy to have the Emmanuel Baptist Church youth group here from Hartsville, SC. They are a supporting church and it blesses our hearts to have them here. They are rebuilding a home in the village and doing a great job! The walls are up and tomorrow they will put the roof on. They also carried down a ton of items we needed and brought us snacks. I’m enjoying many Oreo’s.

The burdens are coming in the form of the increasing amount of women coming to me with very personal and tragic circumstances that they are going through. A sad part about it is that many of these problems are a direct result of the choices they have made in the past. Although it does not excuse the behavior of the men in their lives, it does make things more complicated. My heart is burdened with their burdens. Many times I walk away with tears in my eyes because for me the burden is heavy. I’m so glad that Christ’s yolk is easy and his burden is light. I take these women to prayer. Please pray for them too. Pray for Kira* she is going through a very difficult time with her boyfriend and she has told me that she does not know the Lord and is hesitant to do so because she has seen others come to the Lord but continue in their sinful ways. I asked her to pray about accepting Christ for a week and in a week I will talk to her again. A week will be on Wednesday.

John continues with the Men’s basketball ministry and feels that each time he plays ball with them he gains their respect and is getting to know them a little more each time. Please pray earnestly for the men in the village.

Evangeline is doing great. She loves having teams here. We just had her 18 month appointment and she is in the 10th – 15th percentile for weight and about 95th for height. She is such a blessing to us and keeps us on our toes. We would not have it any other way.

Thank you all for praying!

*Name changed to protect identity

3 thoughts on “Blessings and Burdens

  1. Leah Miller

    LOL, Evangeline is tall and skinny! Lucky girl. give her a BIG kiss for me!
    Mel, how are you feeling?

  2. Jodi Strava

    I’d love to tell you to pray a prayer of forgetfulness after these women share their burdens, but that would not allow you to follow through with them in the same caring manner. Perhaps a prayer of release for the heavy burden they carry and have shared. Remember a burden shared is divided and a joy shared is multiplied. I will continue to lift these specific prayer requests for you in the coming weeks. Praise God for the opportunities he’s given you and Jon to share in Belize and that you were willing to answer the call.

  3. Curt Hansen

    Oreas and God solve many problems! 🙂 Praying for you guys.

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