Back on-line and we are living in the village

Hello all! We are very sorry for the silence. When we came back from the funeral at the end of December we were concentrating very hard on transitioning from the base to the village. That transition was sucessful and we are now living comfortably in the village. We are so thrilled to be there and be official villagers. Another factor in our lack of communication is that our blog “broke down” and we just got it up and running recently.

John and I will both concentrate on discipling four men and four women for a year as well as continuing our various ministries. Our hope is to have solid Christian families in the church before our first term ends. Please pray for us.

Our house is a delight. It is very roomy and the girls love it. The house is situated in a more quiet end of the village, which works perfectly for hosting and discipling. I will have pictures of our house next week. The girls love living in the village and having their friends near them, they have transitioned beautifully!

Ususally we send out a paper newsletter. That IS coming, it’s just very late, with everything that has happened the past couple of months.

We can not express to you how loved you all make us feel with your comments on here or on facebook or via e-mail that you are praying for us. It is such an encouragement.

6 thoughts on “Back on-line and we are living in the village

  1. Darlene

    I’m thrilled that your new home is so nice for you. I’ll be anxious to see pictures.

  2. Paul & Phyllis Hull

    So glad to hear that you are moved and enjoying being in the village. Will be anxious to see the pictures. Glad the girls are enjoying it too. I’m sure you don’t miss the trips back to the base every day. Paul & I are coming down with our group the last of July. Getting excited. Will be praying for your discipleship with your people.

  3. Maureen Read

    Sounds like a great move. I’m happy for you. May your church prosper according to your prayers and the Holy Spirit’s work. Hope to see you on your next home leave. Blessings, Maureen

  4. Donna Chapman

    Wonderful news! Yea, God….thank you for blessing the Bjorgens and please bless their family and ministry there in Belize. Amen

  5. Hi Bjorgens. I will be in at the Mission with the CrossWinds HS youth group April 8-14 or15. We are building a house in the Village. I look forward to seeing you again. Good to hear your move went well. Continue to keep you in my prayers. Blessings, Marti Williams

  6. Valerie Wilson

    So glad to hear things are settling down and you’re happy with your new home. Happy birthday to John, and much love to you all! Love, Val

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