Away From Home, but Still at Home.

Hello! Internet in MN has been spotty but we have a break from training and I just wanted to give you an update.

We are on the beautiful campus of Bethel University. We arrived and were greeted by many friends. The reunion of fellow missionary appointees is so sweet. They are our “missionary family”. We don’t feel like we are away from home because in reality we are among a heavenly family. We praise God for them.

I am feeling very well. I am not constantly nauseated like I have been for the past eight weeks, I only get sick right before meals. PTL, that I can concentrate on training. Please continue praying for us. Please pray for my continued health and pray that we might meet potential ministry partners here at the conference.

We are thinking about you all. Love you.


One thought on “Away From Home, but Still at Home.

  1. Jennifer Bjorgen

    Your good health is answered prayer, and we thank the Lord. We are glad you could be reunited with your missionary family. Dad arrived in Indiana today. We haven’t seen any of your aunts. uncles, or cousins yet, but plan to tonight. We love you, Mom.

    Grandpa N. says he is happy to hear about your trip.

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