An unexpected party

Today I got up early and fixed Swedish pancakes for everyone (which were very well received.) After that we started working on the Basil and Vera’s house which is in the finishing stages of construction. About the time we leave, they’re taking a trip to the States for the birth of their granddaughter. Even though they’ve moved in, the house still needs some stuff done before they can leave. Today we worked on getting thresholds installed for the doors (which took considerably longer than it should have because the door was too close to the floor. We ended up having to chisel out the concrete to get them in there. Hopefully they’ll provide a good seal. We’ll see shortly, since it’s starting to rain outside now.

Just before lunch, the visitors that we were expecting from the village showed up. Except, instead of two, there were fifteen, and it was lunchtime. So, quick change of plans and it was mac-n-cheese with hot dogs in it for lunch to accommodate about 25 people total. Our guests stayed until about 5:00, playing games and swimming in the gulf. I went back over to the house and helped move the building materials out and assemble some of the furniture. Five of our guests are staying overnight, so we’re playing hosts again. One of the local ladies, Doris, braided Melissa’s hair today, so she’s starting to fit in quite nicely.

3 thoughts on “An unexpected party

  1. Mom

    I’m glad things are going so well and that the Lord is using you in different capacities. One thing a missionary has to be is flexible! John, Cecil is anxious for you to get back. šŸ™‚ We got home from Charleston tonight.

  2. Mom

    PS Grandpa came home from the hospital today. The Lord is good.

  3. Pam

    Hi John and Mel –

    It’s so wonderful to hear about how the Lord is using you in Belize. I enjoyed ready about the prep for the trip and each day since. I will continue to pray as your serve the next week. Don’t worry, Mel, I’d be the same way about the shoes!!

    Love to you both!! Pam

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