An Unexpected Couple of Days

Unexpected happening #1: A week ago the two pastors at our church whom we’ve gotten to know very well invited us to go to Belmopan for the Belize culture festival. They communicated to us their desire for John and I to spend time together and they said they would pay for everything festival related. We were not allowed to say “no”. So we said “Yes”. Keep in mind that these pastors really had to financially sacrifice to pay for our festival experience.

#2: We decided to stay the night in Belmopan because we wanted to renew our passports. We tried to find lodging in Belmopan but because of the festival, we could not. We ended up finding very reasonable lodging at a golf resort (the only golf on the mainland). We do not play golf, but it was a reasonable price so we took it.

#3: We get to Belmopan and find out that the Embassy law has been changed and we now have to make appointments to renew passports. No passport, but the promise of a room with A/C was waiting.

#4: Little did we know, this “resort” was an oasis in Belmopan. The owner showed us the river and a cave with a spring that from it flows crystal clear CLEAN drinking water. We splashed and swam in the river. We had to wear our regular clothes because we were not expecting to swim in a cool, clean river.

#5: We had some of the best bbq I’ve tasted in a while at the festival. What is more is that the real location of the bbq place is on our way to Belize city. Yum Yum!

The conditions here are such that every now and then a small break is just what you need to rejuvenate you. I had no idea that yesterday and today was going to happen how it did, but I am VERY glad it did. Often times God has cared for our family in this way, in the unexpected. We are so thankful to our pastors that saw that we had a need and sacrificially met it. We are grateful to God that he cares for us in such a way to meet very personal needs. We serve an intimate and loving Savior.

7 thoughts on “An Unexpected Couple of Days

  1. April Menking

    How wonderful to have this unexpected blessing!! So glad you were able to have this time!

  2. Paul & Phyllis Hull

    God is so Good!!!!!!
    He knows just what we need and when we need it. You are being remembered as you adjust to life in Belize.

  3. Evan

    All I can come up with is – WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  4. Caroline P.

    I’m so glad God planned this special time for y’all!

  5. Valerie Wilson

    Sounds heavenly! Did you take any pictures??

  6. So, did the room come with AC?

  7. Jodi

    Oh yeah – thats sounds awesome!! Hopefully the passport thing will do a little smoother too next time you try. We’ll be praying for you on that….

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