A Tropical Storm, A Robbery, and a Breakdown on the Coastal Road

Tropical Storm: Last weekend we prepared the base for what we thought was going to be a hurricane at that time. The men brought all the outdoor furniture inside, moved the backhoe, moved the boat, shut all the windows, and much more. I packed for an extended stay in the city. By the time we got to the city the storm was just a tropical storm, better than a hurricane but we still had a storm surge and major winds. The storm surge flooded many parts of Belize City including our apartment. The next day we spent eight hours mopping and cleaning the floors. Not a fun day, but at least it’s all clean and ready for baby girl #2.

Robbery: We were so exhausted that weekend. One night we went to bed and at 1:30 am our phone rang. It was a detective. Vera and Basil’s apartment across town ( the very apartment we just stayed at one night before) had been broken into. This is almost impossible to do so we were shocked. We drove to the apartment with our imaginations going wild as to what we would see. Thankfully when we got there, the only thing of real damage was the door. NOTHING had been taken. The thieves used bolt cutters and a crow bar to get in. We do not know what they were looking for. The police said a neighbor called and they came right away so maybe they were scared off. The apartment was no longer secure from the outside so we had to stay the night. I was not too fond of that but we did ok. We did not get musch sleep that night between Evangeline being up and me being on edge. The next day, the door was fixed, but it delayed our trip back to the base yet another day.

The breakdown: We finally got to go back to the base on Wednesday. Everything was going just perfectly until we hit the Coastal Highway. The Coastal is a dirt road approximately 26 miles in length. It is the road that causes our vehicles the most trouble during the rainy season since we have to travel it so much. It is also the road that I refuse to travel again until we leave for the city to have the baby. It is THAT bumpy. Well, we were bumping along and John says “Something is not right I have to stop.” I said “No, just keep going , I’m so uncomfortable I just want to get there.” He said, “I have to stop.” It’s a good thing he did! The lower control arm of the left front wheel had snapped almost all the way through. Ok, so technically, I do not know what that means BUT, I do know that we were only about 9 miles off the paved road on the Coastal and John told me that had the arm snapped when we were going 65mph on the highway, we would be dead. We actually broke down in front of an adventure tourist camp. They took us in and gave us water and me a hammock to lay on since I was feeling ill at the time. They chatted with us. That night, Evangeline had a dinner of 1.5 bananas, 1 strawberry cookie, 1piece of bread, and 3 Fritos chips. We spent four hours (2 in the dark) at that place, they had no electricity. We were able to get a hold of our pastor, Kenny, and he and another good friend of ours, Shannon came to rescue us.

We came home exhausted and overwhelmed by the weeks occurrences, oh but we were so thankful that God is protecting us. I mean isn’t it obvious to you that the Lord is guiding us and holding our hands? It is so apparent that His shield is around us, and for that, we are some humbled and thankful. We also realize that it is because so many people like you are praying for us daily, weekly, monthly. Thank you Lord! We WILL proclaim your faithfulness!

11 thoughts on “A Tropical Storm, A Robbery, and a Breakdown on the Coastal Road

  1. Matt

    Thank goodness you are ok. John, with everything else you have to do, this is only a suggestion. If you have a hydraulic jack, lift the jeep and check your front end wheel bearings, ball joints etc before embarking on long trips. The terrain there is tough on a vehicle no matter what the distance is that you are traveling, and when you take those long trips it may be worth the effort to be safe. Just a thought

  2. Jodi Strava

    Praise God you are all alright! What a blessing to break down by an adventure tourist camp. Not only did they take you in & provide for your immediate needs, you saw how well God has provided for your needs. You have a house on the coast and an apartment in the city. God provides for you safety, your comfort and food for your precious baby girl. Perhaps the tourists or their guides will have seen God’s provision for you as well and seek a relationship with Him. All glory and honor to our Savior.

  3. Mom

    Amen to everything that Jodi said—-How we praise God for your safety, wisdom and strength. “Through MANY DANGERS, TOILS, AND SNARES I have already come. It’s GRACE that brought me safe this far, and GRACE will lead me home.” Thank you, Lord, for your grace!!!

  4. Maureen Read

    You guys live dangerously. Psalm 91. Thou shalt not be afraid of the terror by night nor for the arrow that flieth by day…. He shall give His angels charge over thee to keep thee in all thy ways.

    Blessings, Maureen

  5. WW2 jeep would not have done that, they don’t make ’em like they use to.
    Can you trade it in for Jeep wagon? Do you really need four wheel drive?
    When i traveled in mud, i just had four wheels to spin instead of two.
    Youth will win out, the Lord is providing, if your mentors were there, they may not have been up to the struggle.

    love ya

    Mel Reply:

    Love you too! We were not driving the Jeep but a Toyota truck that the base owns!


    Rain with wind caused you a lot of concerns and work; thank the Lord it wasn’t worse. New and old friends supplied immediate needs; the Lord supplies them too. Like Matt said, good to make an inspection, particularly the stearing mechanism before going over rough terrain.
    We pray the up-coming event will yield a healthy mother, bundle of joy and a proud dad. Love you. Gr.Pa and Gr.Ma Nelson

  7. Gee, I pictured you bouncing along in the short wheel based jeep. as a friend once said it was the best car i ever get rid of.
    We had some pet names for them, but i was not a Christian back then.
    I was in the infantry in Korea back in 1946.

  8. Evan

    Do you remember the time they broke into Amazing’s house? He was so brave… Yes, God’s provision is so evident! I’m surprised you didn’t start labor – brings a whole new meaning to adventure camp. Can’t wait to see you all – just barely a month now!!!

  9. Mike

    WOW, Mel if the lower control arm snaps you have no steering and that is very bad at 65. Praise God John stopped and you were alive for Evangiline’s very healthy dinner.

    Can’t wait to see you guy’s next month.

    I remember Amazing’s house getting robbedm, he was brave. You were a big encouragement to him I’m sure!!

  10. Donna Chapman

    Once again God affirmed His word….No Weapon Formed Against You DID prosper, Hallelujah!

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