A Road I’ve Never Taken- Literally

Please be in prayer for me tomorrow.

John has asked me to meet him with money at the border for customs. A lot of the cash was used to fix the jeep so he needs extra to make it through customs. I have no cell phone (long story for later), I have the baby, and the trip is 2.5 hours. I’ve never been to this town and I’m not familiar with the roads in Belize. I’m very nervous, plus I have to start my trek at 5:30 am.

The reason Basil can not come with me is because he has to bring in the team tomorrow. No one could have anticipated this happening. On top of all this, I need to make a bank withdraw to get the rest of the money I need. I have half the money. My bank card is not working in Belize, but my mom’s did. PTL she was here to at least help me with half. Be in prayer that I can acquire the other half.

Right now I feel blind and much like a toddler fumbling through a bustling room trying to find her way to mommy. Praise God that he “finds” us. I’ve been praying without ceasing. The mission field will teach you how to do that… and fast.

I said goodbye to my mom today to top it all off. It was emotional, I will miss her dearly. She was a great support to me here. Now I feel very alone, I know God is with me, but it would be nice to have someone with me in Belize City tonight. My comfort is that God has ordained this. He knew that I was going to go through this and He has already paved the way for me, and I know I will be just fine.

12 thoughts on “A Road I’ve Never Taken- Literally

  1. Tommy Spotts


    God is certainly with you. Be anxious for nothing, but in everything….PRAY. God hears and takes care of His kids!


  2. Dave

    Yup, there’s nothing like moving to a foreign country that makes you feel completely like a child and reliant on the Father. Just embrace the adventure. It will all be alright…and become a good story later.

  3. Mary Sue

    Love you Mel 🙂

  4. Rachael

    Mel I’m joining you in prayer…

  5. Leah Miller

    Lord, please keep Mel and Evangeline safe and comfortable, please work out all these details for her.
    Thank you, Amen

  6. Evan

    Cant’ say it any better than all those before me!!! We’ll be praying for an easy border crossing for John and Stanley

  7. Lindsay Kimball

    Hey Mel,
    I’m praying for you, sweet friend. Praise God that’s He’s going before you on this road. Love you and lifting you up…

    lots of love

  8. Lauren

    I’m praying for you Mel! His ways are not ours- it will be an incredible sotry of His faithfulness! Im sure of it:)

  9. Dennis & Barb

    Hi Mel!

    Wow… so many changes, so many new things!! And yet your setting is not brand new…. you have been to the station a number of times, so that’s a big help. God has been so good to you guys, and you have worked hard and faithfully. My missionary colleague, John Ames, always liked to talk about “the adventure of walking by faith.” I like that expression, though I am sometimes tempted to replace “adventure” with words like “terror” or “uncertainty”. Sometimes I’d rather “run” than “walk.” Jesus says (and it’s in the context of mission) “I am with you always.” He’ll be with you tomorrow. We will be praying that all goes well. Walk with Jesus day by day and moment by moment. We are proud of you guys!!!!!

    Mel Reply:

    Thank you for your encouragement Dennis and Barb.

  10. chuck and karen

    How did you get from where the jeep broke down to Belize City and was Sally with you the whole trip?

  11. chuck and karen

    These are the kinds of stories Hernan would come back with from the mission field, on furlough and share. they were very exciting to hear.

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