A Need

The past week we have been trying to get our workers visa’s. We have been bounced between Belmopan (capital) and Belize city. We finally have an appointment in Belize City for Thursday. Then, a team comes in on Saturday.

Thank you all for praying for our bible studies on Thursday night. We had a good showing and relationships are beginning to form. Initially, Belizeans are very shy around Americans. Please pray that they will get over their shyness and begin to look at us as friends.


Davine, the women who teaches Sunday school in the church, is experiencing some serious health problems. She has ovarian fibriods and is bleeding a lot. She needs to go in to Belmopan to see a doctor to begin treatment, this trip will cost $100. She also needs a medication called Vitalzym that you can only get in the states. This medication also costs $100 and we have no idea how to acquire it. We believe these requests to be legitimate. We talked to her and her husband yesterday and they are very distraught and scared. We are wondering if anyone might be able to financially meet this need? The mission nor we have $200 at this time to give out of our pockets. Also, would anyone know how we can get Vitalzym?

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  1. donna chapma

    I will forward this to Kathy Baxley; she may know some way to help.

    John Reply:

    Thanks, we’re definitely concerned. Something that wouldn’t be considered extremely serious in the states becomes a bigger problem when you’re as far away from any kind of medical care as we are. She’s had times when she bled to the point of becoming weak and you can tell they’re scared.

    It’d be very nice if someone who knows something about these could give us any kind of advice. We’re just not sure what the level of urgency should be.

  2. Kathy Baxley

    Hey guys – I looked this up on our sources and could not find this medicine. After researching, it is an enzyme that can benefit people with fibroids and there are no free programs that I know of for this type. I’ve got one more source to check tomorrow and if I find anything, I’ll let you know. God bless.

  3. mediacations can be bought in mexico without a prescrition.
    I have my daugter in San Diego buy them for me all the time, beause the are so much cheaper in mexico. Call you local druggist and get a price in belize, which probably has the same policy.

  4. Mom

    I would say this could be rather serious as your cousin was in the hospital for 3 days with the same thing last month. They gave her a lot of iron and almost did blood transfusions, but the iron made it unnecessary. I talked to a pharmacist last night who said the same as Kathy, except he found it for sale online with a big difference in prices. I’ll try to find out more.
    Love to all,

  5. Jodi

    Hey Mel … If we can donate some money – what is the best way to do that for you?

    Mel Reply:

    Jodi, go to http://www.belizemission.org, scroll down to “make a donation”, click on it and follow instructions. Thanks!

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