A Much Needed Postal Scale and Weekend Events

I have found that being a missionary appointee means making frequent trips to the Post Office. As a result, my errand day is not effective if I really need to get a package out before Wednesday. Today I had to get a package together with printed pictures of our ministry and it could not wait for errand day, so I went out to print pictures at a nearby store, dreading the thought of having to go to the Post office later. Then it hit me, if I bought a small scale, I can do all of my Post Office business on-line. So I went and bought a scale that fits very nicely on my desk and I played “Post Office” on-line. My packages are ready to be picked up tomorrow. Now, if I could only get a small picture printer, that would be great. Sadly, they are a bit more expensive than a scale.

Our long weekend went well. We had a great time at Cornerstone’s “Second Saturday” event. My group went to pass out fliers in a Spanish community and did yard work for an elderly women. John’s group reorganized an entire aisle of pre-made cabinet kits at Habitat for Humanity. For next month, I’m working on getting a group to serve at a local assisted living house. I have a meeting with the events coordinator on Thursday. I’m super excited about this project.

This week I’ll be calling a lot of churches. Please pray that I will make good contacts and that our ministry will continue to grow.

BTW: A HUGE thanks to Maria Campbell in Hartsville, for sending us a really awesome care package. You made our day Maria.

3 thoughts on “A Much Needed Postal Scale and Weekend Events

  1. DON H

    waited to long to see your eyes only video on e-mail.
    where is it otherwise?


  2. Mom

    I’m glad the Lord showed you how to save time and money with the postal scale. Don’t forget that postage is going up 1 cent (I think it is May 12.) So get your “forever stamps” now and you won’t have to pay for the increase. 🙂

  3. Leah

    i love assisted living, let me know if you need any contacts. I used to work in at an assisted living and still know people in the field.

    I would love to have served on that team, but have my cousins triathalon and a wedding that day.

    We have a picture printer if you ever want to come and use ours. Doesn’t help you doing it at home, but you are welcome to use ours.

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