A Fifty Percent Celebration

Being a new mommy and maintaining this blog has been a bit difficult if you can’t tell by my lack of posts. I finally feel that now I am able to post every week again.

The other day we met with our prayer team at our church and celebrated reaching our 50% in support. I baked a cake that had a red 50%. We prayed and praised God for this milestone. It is a wonderful feeling. Now, we have to raise the next 50%. We are trying hard and we are not using the economy as an excuse. The last time I checked, God is bigger than the economy and it’s problems. His budget never runs a deficit.

I must be honest, it’s hard to be in the United States when we really want to be in Belize. Sure, we love our family and have made some wonderful friends, it will be hard to leave. What is harder though is being here when our hearts are called to Belize. We know God has a purpose but in our humaness we want to question what He is doing. We are encouraged because we have seen new people partnering with us every month, so we know that God wants us there but in His time.

Below is a picture of our prayer team and 50% cake. Have a good day.

6 thoughts on “A Fifty Percent Celebration

  1. Maureen Read

    Hi, Mel and JOhn. So glad you have reached the 50% mark. Say, as I look at your ministry partners, I don’t see North Kitsap Baptist Church. We sent you support for a month, and the next should be going out about now. You are on our regular monthly support list.

    I hope the little one is doing well. It’s a busy life with a new baby. Blessings.

  2. Congratulations! What a fun family you are–and Mel looks great with her new haircut! ( . . . at least it looks new to me!)

  3. Ma

    Hey let’s be real, you’re not at 50% YOU ARE AT 53% that is more encouraging to us at least! We are just as excited as you and can’t wait to see you higher. Does your new figure include Tom and Kathy Long???

    My little angel is getting so cute!!! Give our love to your prayer team and our little angel!

    Love ya, Ma

  4. Jennifer Bjorgen

    So good to see your pictures on line. Did Evangeline get some cake,it sure looks good. Congrats on your 50 percent. We need to get something decided. Sorry you have to give up your Grandmother but glad you could come to be with your Mom and Family and celebrate her homegoing. She made a special food for us when tou got married and it was really good.She was happy to know we liked it. I have talked to her friend on the phone but have not seen her though–I ha veee have tried twice. The one wwho came maybe on the same plane. Our lives are busy so we0 are trying to serve our Lord. Haveour 62nd anniv. next Sun. 2 celebrations!!!!!!!Thenther 16th Ill be 87. It is exactly midnight.so Goodnigh t. We love you Grandma Nelsone .

  5. Donna Chapman

    Hi “kids”

    You do look great! I will celebrate your 53% with you!

    How are Basil and Vera doing?

    Donna and Curtis

  6. Leah

    Great picture!

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