A Crucial Week

We have had a busy past couple of weeks calling churches to make appointments. We went to a wonderful church this morning just to visit and ended up presenting the ministry for five minutes. Talk about impromptu. John did most of the talking and did an awesome job for just ten minutes notice.

Tomorrow we have a very important meeting with a church we ask that you all be in prayer around 9:00 am EST. Also, Tuesday we will be in Delaware, Wednesday in NY, and Sunday we will be in PA. As you can tell, we are keeping very busy and working hard to raise the last 30% of our funding. Your prayers are much appreciated during this time. Please pray for travel safety, for Evangeline, and that the hearts of the churches we are visiting will open up to our ministry. Pray fervently for us.

To all our AZ folks, we think about you often and miss you very much. We hope and pray that you all are doing well.

Much love to all of our readers and prayer warriors.

4 thoughts on “A Crucial Week

  1. Dave

    The last 30% of your funding, you mean. 😉

    Mel Reply:

    Right, just fixed it. Thanks.

  2. Leah Miller

    Hi Mel,
    Amy said that Evangeline is “Army” crawling. 🙂
    Go Evangeline!!!

  3. Donna Chapman

    I pray all will go well and you will get the support you need!

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