7.3 Earthquake and Tsunami Watch in Belize

Here is an e-mail that we received from Basil and Vera this morning. Please pray for the the base and the village and all of Belize.

We’ve had a 7.3 earthquake at 2:33 am this morning. Our house is still standing, but lots and lots of broken things. We have found out that we are under a Tsunaumi watch. Not an alert, just a watch. We are watching closely to see any updates. Basil and I are praising God that we’re still standing in the house. We’ll see in a couple of hours if there was any structural damage. We are headed into Belize City later today and we’ll see what our apt. is like.

Wow this one was scary, it seemed far greater than the Loma Prieta in 89′. I went online, and saw that there were an awful lot of earthquakes around the world that seem to lead up to this one. Not sure what the damages are within the Central American countries as we can’t get any local news out here in the Jungle. We have no idea how the village is until daylight and staff start to arrive.

We leave for Belize on June 7th to meet with a team from our former church Lakeview Baptist in Hartsville, SC. This might be very timely as the village might need help with clean-up. Thanks for your prayers. We will keep you posted.

UPDATE 8:17 PDT: Tsunami watch has been cancelled. I spoke with Vera on skype. She said: ‘only one of my little signs fell off our mirror by the door, that said, “Life is fragile handle with prayer”‘. How appropriate. Mandy is ok too, although being a New Yorker, didn’t know what was going on.

3 thoughts on “7.3 Earthquake and Tsunami Watch in Belize

  1. Cindy

    The FIRST thing I did when I heard about this earthquake was to check out your blog to see how the folks in Belize are doing. I am sure you will have MUCH to do in June and God will bless your efforts as you help restore what the storms damaged. Wow. PTL that the damage/loss wan’t any worse!

  2. Mary Sue

    We’re at MTI and loving it. Very good stuff.

    Glad you missed the quake, but will be praying for you for your time there.

  3. Donna Chapman

    Glad our Lakeview folks will be there to help!

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