le Grand Tour

Thought we’d give you a tour of the new digs.

Here’s the front of the place:

And again from the front porch:

This is the interior of the house from the front right corner. To the right, not visible in the picture are the kitchen and bathroom (door right next to the dresser drawers).

The dining area:

The kitchen:

The “bedroom” (yes, we’re aware that someone left a boat in it.)

The bathroom:

and shower:

Evangeline lounging around the house (ironically, she never liked swings as an infant…now that she’s too big for it, she loves it)

Finally, our view from the front door:

Although it may seem pretty spartan, we still will be living in a far nicer house than the majority of the people in our village.

21 thoughts on “le Grand Tour

  1. Dave

    Sweet digs. I see you’ve started dressing up the place with some personalized stuff.

    John Reply:

    Yeah. Our problem now is no storage. We’ll be living out of rubbermaid tubs until we can afford some drawers/shelves.

  2. I don’t know about the boat in the house, but the view is great!

    John Reply:

    Yeah, we’re jealous of the space it eats up, but it’s not our place, so the boat stays.

  3. Mom

    It certainly is not what I had envisioned—-the Bible college in Zambia is looking better all the time. 🙂 Is the front porch safe? We are thankful that the Lord has provided a place for you.

  4. Ma

    Where’s the refrigerator? They had bought a brand new fridge while they were there in Nov/Dec. Hopefully it wasn’t stolen!!! Looks great, I remember living there, brings back memories. You might ask Basil if he knows what happened with the fridge!!!

  5. Rachael

    Oh my Gosh Evangeline DOES look so much different! Really little-girlish, and not so much baby-like! Thanks for the tour, too 🙂

  6. Lovin’ the posts! Keep ’em comin’! So excited for y’all! Woo Hoooo!!!

  7. Rochelle

    We have the same light in your dining area in our laundry room… We liked it because it is old school rustic! LOL Love the tour, thanks! So happy you finally have your “own” home, must feel so special 🙂

  8. Vicky

    Love the tour! The view is wonderful! Looks like you are settling in, we miss you guys. Keep the posts coming.

  9. Valerie

    I have to say, Evangeline’s swing looks like the most comfortable spot in the house, no wonder she likes it now! LOL Your view is fantastic, makes up for a lot. I sure hope the baby doesn’t wander off the porch, I’m with your Mom, I hope it’s safe. Though I know God is watching over you all and won’t let any harm come to His faithful servants. Love you all!! Give Evangeline a huge hug and kiss from Grandma Val. XO

  10. Evan

    As the others have said, thanks for the tour! I love the tablecloth – so pretty!!! I know how closely you watch Evangeline, so I know she won’t be outside without her hand in yours 🙂

    How long do you guys get to stay in this house? Let us all know what we can do to help (send things (still have the placemats and napkins I told you about) or $ to buy locally if that’s better for duty taxes etc)

    John, it’s amazing how much hair youv’e grown since getting to Belize, that humidity is serving you well 😉

    Love you!!!!

  11. Carrie

    Daniel and I have enjoyed keeping track of you as you traveled there and are getting settled! It’s amazing how far you’ve gone in the last two years. What an exciting journey you are on! The view from your house is amazing. So incredible to wake up each reminded of the Lord’s beauty! Please … let us know if there are any small items you are in need of that we can mail to you! Anything specific you need for your new place? We’d love to help you out a little. Let me know. Take care.

  12. Donna Chapman

    Yep, glad to see there is no tsunami rolling in after the Chilian earthquake. I know you must be glad to have “your own place”. And be together again. Lord, I pray you will be present in their home and that it will be a place of blessing for all who enter!” Amen

  13. My barracks in Everett Wash looked like that, only we had tar parper on the walls under the board siding!

    When will the inspector sign it off so you can start insulating?

  14. Leah Miller

    Wow, what a difference from good ole Chandler. I am glad you have a toilet though, that would make a huge difference.

  15. That’s so awesome you guys! Ocean front property! 🙂

  16. I appreciate this so much. Now as I pray I can picture you and your environment. Hope we can visit this year sometime.

  17. Shelly (from HMM)

    Hey Mel! (and John and Evangeline) Love the pictures and updates. I know you will be working hard, but it looks like vacation that close to the beach! Will you be trying out the boat?

  18. Kay Richey

    Your home reminds me so much of the beach houses we stayed at on vacation while living in the Philippines. It makes me homesick as it brings back so many wonderful memories.

    Enjoy it to the fullest. God is good.

  19. Tim

    One of Charissa and I’s favorite things about Jamaica was going to sleep and waking up to the sound of the ocean. Awesome tropical house.

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