In Atlanta and Our Jeep is Back on Track!

We are here at Dan and Jen’s house (Dan is a high school buddy of John’s). It was a very rainy trip so we had to be VERY awake during the drive. We leave for Tennessee tomorrow morning at 9 am.

So sorry about the jeep tracking technical difficulties. I know some of you were looking forward to that (namely my dad, Dan) Love you Dad! The problem is fixed so tomorrow it will work ( Lord willing). Check it out.

BTW if any of you are wondering who this “Jodi” is that posted for us, allow me to introduce you to her. Jodi is a lady that has offered to do all of our mail-outs for our ministry. Along with that, she edits our blogs and will post for us whenever we don’t have internet to post. Which worked out perfectly today. Thanks Jodi!