Answering the Question: “When are you going?”

One of the most frequently asked questions we get these days are “When are you going? Do you have a date?” This question does not annoy us. We are glad that people are interested. Our answer always is “When we reach 100% our budget in our monthly giving and 100% in our one-time costs, we will be leaving.” Our mission board wisely does not let us leave until we are 100% supported. Right now we are about 95% supported!!!!! Praise God. But we need that last 5% to put us on the field. We are also in need of $20,000 in special, one-time gifts. Wow, that seems like a lot right? Those are the costs for shipping our belongings, importing our vehicle, travel expenses, a year of language school and tutoring for John and I to become fluent in Spanish, home furnishings, visas, and anything else you can think of that an international move would require.

We are almost out of the stage of raising support. We are honestly tired of asking, and we know that you all have walked this path with us and are probably tired too! But the truth is, without giving there would be no going. Without you all, it would be impossible to do our job. We are a team effort!

We cannot wait to announce our departure date on this blog, so, we have to ask again: Will you please give so we can go to Guadalajara? We only need about 4 more individual support partners and one more church partner to cover our monthly costs. If God has placed us on your heart to support our ministry monthly, it would be the best gift of all this Christmas if you could begin supporting us now. Also, we need help raising our “start up” funds. Would you please consider giving a special gift for your year end giving? We do not take your gifts lightly. Each supporter of our ministry is very precious to us. We know who you are, but more importantly, God knows who you are. Any spiritual treasure gained in our ministry is shared with you because you give.

Here is the link for monthly or special gifts: Converge Worldwide

Prayer Requests:

Pray for the kids because we know that the transition will be difficult for them. It is already showing with Evangeline.

Pray for John and I as we begin to pack things up and ready ourselves for an international move

Pray for peace in our hearts. Our stress level is very high right now.

Pray for our colleagues in Mexico, that the Lord will bless the work they are doing.

Pray as we begin to form the beginnings of a church planting team over the next few months and begin to mentor and train them to plant a new church.