A Wealth of Information

Last night John and I reunited with some past MAC conference friends. I say friends but they are more like our extended family. We have all grown very close because we are going through the missionary process together. It feels wonderful to see them.

We are all here to discuss how to raise support and our budget. John and I finally know what it is going to cost to get us to Belize and to stay there. The road will be long but God will be with us every step of the way. We believe that God will get us to Belize in HIS TIME. God’s timing is always perfect. I was talking to a fellow MAC friend, Tania, about Moses. We were talking about being patient and doing everything in His time, and not to get impatient and disobedient. God has not called us to beat on the rock but to speak to it.

We are having a wonderful time, although it’s a lot of information, this is also a time of rejuvenation for us. We will end in the early afternoon tomorrow, and relax for the rest of the evening. Relax. Ahhh. Just for a while though because we’ve got a ton of paperwork! Below is a picture of the group.