Wrapping up

So we’re back in Belize City tonight. Tomorrow morning Basil and Vera return. After a day of debriefing, we’ll be headed back to the States on Thursday. The last month has flown by and we’re finding it difficult to believe it’s over. We’re sad to be leaving just as we were really starting to develop some good relationships, but I know that it’s just for a season, and that this time will prove invaluable when we return.

On Sunday, I got a chance to preach at the church. Pastor Mike and family were taking a much needed break for a couple days, and even though they were back for Sunday, I volunteered to preach so he wouldn’t have to do sermon prep while he was away. I was able to give a clear gospel presentation. We are praying the Holy Spirit will bring any of those that don’t belong to him under the conviction of the law, and show them their need for a Savior.

Mel wrapped up the last session of the woman’s Bible study today, which happened to fall on our last day here. She says that she really enjoyed leading it. She especially enjoyed the times on Mondays when she met with several of the women who were having trouble doing the study on their own (basic literacy is a big problem). She would meet with them and help them so that when they came on Tuesday to the official study, they’d be prepared to participate. She’s really going to miss those relationships, and feels like that group is growing in their faith.

Last night, before we left, Gentle’s (the only thing resembling a restaurant) prepared us a big barbecue chicken dinner for us and a few of our new friends as a going away. It was so delicious after a month of stewed chicken and beans to be able to have barbecue chicken and baked beans! How funny! It was a good time and we were glad we had a chance to bid everyone farewell. (Don’t worry Basil….it wasn’t on the Mission’s dime 🙂 ). Thanks for all the comments and prayers and encouraging emails. We’re looking forward to being back and and hitting the ground running.

3 thoughts on “Wrapping up

  1. Leah

    woohoo! see you guys on Thursday!

  2. Mandy Klint

    You will be very missed! Come back soon 🙂

  3. jodi

    We can’t wait to see you here in October! I’m so glad that your trip went so well — scorpions, falls and all.

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