We’re Back from Ohio and Ready to Leave Again

We just came back from a MPD (Ministry Partner Development) trip to Ohio. We met with five churches and two of those meetings we were able to speak in front of the church congregation. We had a wonderful time meeting with these churches. We believe that at least 1-2 of these churches will partner with us in the future. While we were there we were able to stay with my sister Tammy, her husband Brett, and their three kids. It was so awesome to be raising funds and see family. I was also able to visit with a friend from elementary school, Jennelle, who I have not seen for TEN YEARS! She has a baby girl that is 7 weeks old. Wow, it was amazing to see her again.

Now we are preparing for another small trip to Belize. We will be meeting up with our former church Lakeview, from Hartsville, SC. The youth group is coming to Belize for a short term missions trip and we want to be there to welcome them to the place that we will one day live. Evangeline will be getting her first Belize experience out of the womb.

Please continue to pray fro our support. Although we have not posted it, we have reached 60% and climbing! We are so thrilled. We ache to be in Belize but know that God still has us here for a purpose. Praise the Lord for His unfailing faithfulness to us.

6 thoughts on “We’re Back from Ohio and Ready to Leave Again

  1. great work; and have a great time in Belize.

  2. Hey there! Congrats on hitting the 60% mark! Go go go!

  3. Kim Shuck

    Congrats on the 60%! The Belize trip sounds exciting. Callie’s here for the summer, so you’ll have to come by for a visit.

  4. Matt aka wicked step-father

    That is so neat that you got to see Janelle. So she is in Ohio? Are her parents still in the DC area? Just curious ..


  5. Leah

    Woohoo! how exciting for Evangeline’s first trip. When do you guys leave?

  6. Donna Chapman

    Wow…..60% awesome….GO GOD….GO MEL>>>>GO JOHN!

    Guess who I met in Boot Camp at the Y? Jody something polish! She is a neat girl and we bonded over our admiration of you and God 🙂

    CaN’T wait to hear how the Lakeview Youth Belize trip goes.

    Our new Music Minister….Tim Cotten is The Bomb and His Wife has some great pipes as well! Wish yo were here to groove with me, dc girl.

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