Tropical Storm Alex

The first tropical storm is heading our way. Sometime between this afternoon and evening we should get hit. The good thing is that it is headed toward northern Belize, so it won’t be a direct hit on our beach, but it is still fairly close so we will feel the storm. The winds are projected to be 40 mph. We are not too concerned at this point. Just hunkering down for the day.

This could cause a lot of flooding on the Coastal Road which will make it difficult to get in and out. We are very thankful we have a boat just in case we need to get to the city. We will keep you posted. As for now you can go to to check the storm path yourself.

4 thoughts on “Tropical Storm Alex

  1. Marty

    Praying for you all.

  2. Katy Short

    Thanks for the update. I was wondering how you-all were when we heard last even. Praying for you. Mothershort

  3. Valerie Wilson

    I’m praying you’ll all be safe!

  4. Chuck and Karen

    praying for you. be safe.

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