Triumphs and Struggles

We’ve had a few days to “settle.” Maybe one day I’ll tell you in more detail about our trip out here, but for right now just know that we were truly blessed by God. He gave us just what we needed when we needed it. Praise the Lord. He is good.

We are living in a basement apartment of a very nice couple, Walt and Kim Shuck. They have welcomed us with open arms and are a blessing to us in many ways. We have a room, a living area, and a bathroom, and we share the kitchen. We stand in amazement on how God has blessed us. “His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me.”

We started to unpack our boxes and realized we needed more furniture. On Saturday we found out that the women’s ministry was having a rummage sale and that the neighborhood we are living in was having a garage sale. WOW! Our needs were met. We did not spend much on furniture, but we were able to find quality pieces at excellent prices! A family also GAVE us a California king sized bed. What a blessing!!!! We did not want to leave our queen sized bed, but for lack of space we knew we had to, and now look at the way the Lord has blessed. “The Lord has done great things for us and we are filled with joy.”

There have been some down moments. Moments where I ask myself, “What now?”, but I know exactly what I have to do. Moments when I’m riding in my car and I don’t recognize any street names and I ask figuratively, “How did I get here (to Arizona)?” Moments when I pick up the phone to call someone I know and realize that because of the time change, it’s too late to call. Then I think back to the video I posted a few days back and I say to myself “God is enough, God is enough, He’s all I need, God is enough.” Because, when I look at everything through my eyes, nothing makes sense. But, when I try to look at everything through His eyes HE IS ENOUGH. “His grace is sufficient for me.” Even when I don’t understand everything, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that He is taking care of us.

One thought on “Triumphs and Struggles

  1. Leah

    Hi Mel,
    This is really cool! I love the little blue jeep. It is awesome to hear about how God has provided, but I REALLY enjoy your honesty. I have lots of conversations with God and it is nice to see that someone else does as well. God is awesome, but I don’t always feel that way and He is big enough to take my honesty.

    That is great about your bed, what a blessing! What else could you use right now?

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