Tickets Purchased

Today we purchased me and my mom’s tickets to Belize. Yay! I will be leaving on Feb. 11th and have a layover in Atlanta for the evening. Then in the morning, I meet up with my mom who is coming from Baltimore. From there, we will leave for Belize arriving around noon on the 12th. Whew! We will stay in the city for the evening, then, connect with Basil and pick up a team that is coming and head out to the base.

John will be leaving Jan. 16th or 17th via Jeep with Stanley. So much to do at this point! Ahhhhhh!!!

Thank you to Mike Snyder for getting our flights booked. He did an awesome job.

7 thoughts on “Tickets Purchased

  1. angel

    i wish u so much luck, and safe travels….im so glad this is all finally coming together for u…ur an amazing inspiring woman, God has such great things planned for u…HUGSSSSS

  2. Carrie

    Let me know if you need anything or would like a visitor in Dallas! It’d be great to see you 🙂

    Mel Reply:

    Oops. My brain is so disorganized. I won’t be going to Dallas…that was the first itinerary that we looked at, but ended up not going with. It would be really nice to see you though 🙁

    Perhaps your youth group needs to take a mission trip to Belize….hint, hint 🙂

  3. This is such great news! Your friends at Our Savior’s (including Julie and me) will be praying for you in these last few days before deployment and as you travel. Great that your mom gets to travel with you and your daughter! It’s been fun to have connected with you and John on this journey.

  4. Donna Chapman

    I am so excited for all of you….will pray all travel goes well for you, John and your companions!!!!!

    I am going to DC next Wed with my son and his family for three days. I am excited I haven’t been back for ten years!

  5. debbie hartsell

    You’ve trained and now you’re almost to begin that new chapter of using the training in the field. May you have a safe journey. My prayers are with you. Hold tight to your faith no matter what.

  6. Mom

    Praise God for His wisdom and provision through His children. We pray that He will continue to guide you step by step in the many decisions to be made. “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God who gives liberally…” We pray that God will bless all who have helped and encouraged you along the way.

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