Thoughts on Belize

I’m sitting here in the Houston airport reflecting on the past couple of days. I did not write much because it got so busy. We were always doing something. The past few days I’ve been filming and filming. It was such a blessing to see everyone serving. It’s like I got an inside track to everyone’s hearts. I saw the ministry in a completly different perspective.

Leaving here is different than before because I know I will be back (and John too). It’s hard to leave, but this trip gave me a fresh outlook on what our goal is. I’m even more determined now than ever. The need is so great. Basil and Vera really need help. I know that God will continue to send it and bless the ministry either way. Even so, it would be awesome to get there soon. And so, I will pray. Please partner with us in prayer too.

So I come home to John a big sweaty mess. The last couple of days the ocean water was so nice that I bathed in the ocean with sailor soap. It gets you clean, but it does not have a “fresh out of the shower” smell. Also, I’ve been in Belize City most of the day. Needless to say, I’m a little ripe. But I don’t think John will care.

By the way, in case you’re wondering, the camera made it back! PTL! And it’s in one piece!

3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Belize

  1. John

    Heh…I’m looking forward to having you back…regardless of the scent 🙂

  2. Hey John, I knew you’d say that. Be sure you get the hug we sent home with her! Thank you for sharing her with us this week! We missed you, we are definitely getting excited for you guys to come and get to work, where God’s called you!!! I think that the village is looking forward to your return!! Mel will update you! ‘

    She’s well worth the wait, enjoy your time together!!!! Love, Ma and Pa

  3. Kristin

    I’m glad you’re home safe. It’s so good to know what’s been going on and to excited with you and also able to pray better for you. Love you both!

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