The Weekend

Our trip to Jerome went well. We took the Jeep and scaled a couple of mountains. On our way there we ran into a very small town called Yarnell where they were having their “Yarnell Daze” Parade. We almost drove through it. We were able to pass the parade while driving on another street. All five minutes of it.

Jerome, AZ, is literally built on the side of a mountain; the houses look like they are stacked on top of each other. Really cool. The Haunted Hamburger was a great place to eat. All in all it was a good trip and a great weekend with my dad. Enjoy the pictures.

Yarnell Daze
Yarnell Daze

My Dad and I
My Dad and I

Jerome Jail
John and I in front of the old Jerome Jail

3 thoughts on “The Weekend

  1. Kristin

    cute pics- I’m glad you had a good time

  2. Mom

    Thanks for sharing. I’m glad you remembered your camera!

  3. Hey I didn’t know you were going to see your dad, that’s awesome! Hope your weekend was all you wanted it to be!!! Love, Ma and Pa

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