The “joys” of packing for a two week trip

I have to say… packing for a two week trip is not at all easy! There is a lot to plan, especially if we’re only allowed 50 pounds per bag (Well it’s difficult for me at least). I have to decide between thirty pairs of shoes! finally I got it down to two pairs of flip-flops, one flat sandal, and one dress sandal, and tennis shoes. Ok so enough about my shallow shoe situation. One thing that you can all be in prayer for is getting the projector screen that we purchased to Belize. This screen is 8 ft. long and 42 pounds! It’s a beast! I’ve posted a picture of it for your viewing pleasure. Please pray that we can get it on the plane without too much trouble and without having to pay extra. Also pray that it will arrive in Belize with our luggage and that we won’t have to pay customs. Just a little side note: Since we can not fit the screen in our personal luggage customs will know that we are bringing in an expensive outside item and they might charge us 30% of the cost of the screen. We can pay the cost but we’d rather not so please be in prayer for the screen. God raised the funds for us to get it, so I’m confident everything will work out just fine. Well, until next time! John and Screen

3 thoughts on “The “joys” of packing for a two week trip

  1. Dave

    Holy big, tall screen, Batman! That thing is a monster. I don’t suppose you could have purchased something a little more…svelte?

  2. John

    96″ looked a lot smaller on paper :). Other than that, I have no excuse. Since it just came in yesterday, there’s no possibility of swapping for a smaller screen though, so this is what we’re going with. I am happy to report, however, that with a little bit of coaxing and some cooking oil, you can squeeze one of these into a Toyota Corolla and still shut the trunk!

  3. Mel

    I talked to Vera last night (missionary over there) and she was thrilled. They just have to find a place to secure it.

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