The Baptist General Conference

Hello all! I just wanted to give you a little update on what is going on in our lives. We are currently moving forward with another mission board called the Baptist General Conference (or as you will see me write the BGC.) This is a wonderful sending organization much like the IMB. The biggest difference is that we will have to raise 100% of our support. We ask that you partner with us in prayer. Please pray that we will remain strong in the Lord, that we will get to Belize between February and May, that we will raise the support that we need, and that our faith will be strengthened throughout this process. Thank you so much for your prayer support. Love you all.

One thought on “The Baptist General Conference

  1. Mom

    I think it is a very wise decision to have the support, experience, and protection of a mission board, as well as accountability to those who faithfully support your ministry.

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