Thank YOU for the Encouragement

It is our last day for the interpersonal communications workshop. Today’s session was on encouragement. I could not help but think of our wonderful blog readers who have left comments or e-mailed or called or talked to us. You all have been a constant source of encouragement to us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The impact that all of you have had on our lives will be something that we carry with us through this process. You mean so much to us. I just wanted you to know that. We love you very much.

One thought on “Thank YOU for the Encouragement

  1. Tammy Starr

    Hey girl! with the kids around, I dont always get a chance to reply to your blogs, but I wanted you to know I read every one of them faithfully. It’s nice to see what your up to. Call me sometime when you are on the road!!!

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