Restore Us Lord

Are missionaries, or ministry workers for that matter, allowed to be depressed? I think at one point in my life I thought that missionaries were all fulfilling their God-given dream and if something bad happened they said, “The joy of the Lord is my strength”, bucked up, and moved on. I know better now. Certainly the joy of the Lord is strengthening, but claiming it and really living it is harder than I imagined here.

I have never been one to hide our ups and downs here. Many have been shareable, however there are some that have had to remain personal. The big picture of things that have saddened us have at times been extremely overwhelming. Yet, God has been so faithful to us. So faithful. Yet, at times I still question the ultimate reasons for everything that has happened. Do you ever find yourself in that struggle? This is one of those times for me. I must force myself to remember that God has NEVER let me down. EVER.

“My yolk is easy and my burden is light.” Yes, Lord, that we will take this verse and live it! in this verse God never says He will take away the yolk and the burden. It’s still there, He just says it’s easy and light. Interesting isn’t it? At times we expect God to take our problems and solve them, but He does not solve them as much as He walks through them with us. We are at this point right now where we have a choice to carry the burden ourselves or allow Christ to make it easier and lighter. Oh, that we would do the later! Please Lord, help us to trust fully in you and your sovereignty!

Last night John prayed, “Restore us Lord.” Our hearts, our minds, our bodies, desperately need restoration. Will you pray with us?

Dear Lord,

We pray that you will restore us. Mount us up on wings of eagles, let us keep running and not grow weary, let us walk and not faint. Help us to find our joy in you alone. Let us not give into the enemy who wants us to fall into sadness and depression, instead, drive the enemy far away from us. Renew us. Renew our hearts and minds. We want to be pleasing to you Lord. We want to come through this first year as missionaries and give you all the praise. Help us to let go of the reigns that we so tightly want to hold onto. Continue to call us to be perfect as you are perfect. And in the meantime, thank you for your mercy that I know you will and have poured out abundantly to us. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

11 thoughts on “Restore Us Lord

  1. Lea

    Mel, I prayed this prayer with you. I will continue to pray for your family as you carry out this mission in Belize. I am confident the Lord will restore you, and draw you to himself. He is such a good God, and we would be nothing and nowhere without Him. Thank you for this post. It is encouraging to know other Christians struggle, no matter where God has them at the time. -Lea

  2. April

    Praying that prayer for you!!

  3. marty m

    Praying that beautiful prayer with you and soon in person over you! Anxious to serve along side you guy’s!
    We love you!

  4. Jodi Strava

    Mel, I will continue to pray for the restoration of your soul as well as your home and camp. My husband is currently on a short term mission in Confital, Bolivia, leading a group of 14. Like you said, we all expect missionary’s and their families to be filled with joy, and yet we are human. Doubt, fear, anxiety, exhaustion and pain all try to rob us of the joy God has blessed us with abundantly. So my dear sister in Christ, I will continue to claim God’s promises to meet your every need and bless you abundantly as you serve him faithfully. May you, John, your precious daughters and the Belizian citizens who serve with you be blessed with restoration of your hearts, minds, bodies and souls. Amen

  5. Paul & Phyllis Hull

    Mel and John, We are praying for you folks that God will do the impossible. I want to encourage you to start a “Blessing List”. We have done this at times when things looked impossible. As humans we focus on the problem and not on the blessings that will come out of it. Often we receive blessings we don’t even recognize or we soon forget. As you begin to receive gifts and encouragement, write each one down and thank the Lord for that blessing. You will be amazed at how God will Bless you “socks off” and you will be a blessing to someone else. I’m sure it overwhelming right now and we pray with you for a light at the end of the dark dark tunnel. God is faithful, keep trusting!!!


  6. Shawn

    We will continue praying for restoration. I am taken aback at God Faithfulness and the timing of Cornerstone coming. I am just sad we can not be with them. Praying for you and the team that is coming!

  7. Donna Chapman

    Dearest Mel (and John)….the first thing I thought when I read you question…is it okay for missionaries to be depressed? I thought of David…the “man after God’s own heart” who prayed and wrote those desperate Psalms out of the depths of his depressed heart…..I think you are in pretty good company with David.

    I love how you share the nitty gritty of missionary life….so we can see what it is like FOR REAL….and give God glory for you and all those He has called over the centuries to undergo this trial by fire…..may he give you those eagles wings to lift you up where you belong….!

    Much love DC girl…’ve come a long way Ba-beee! 🙂

  8. Mom

    Mel & John, I’m sure every missionary that has ever lived could relate to what you are going through. But we take comfort that Jesus said, “I will not leave you as orphans…” John 14 Your prayer shows you are drawing near to God and trusting Him to sustain you, which is exactly what He wants us to do! I don’t believe there is anything more precious to God than to hear His children pray His Word back to Him in sincerity and faith. That is what enables us to grow in grace and benefit from our trials. You are super-blessed to have so many dear ones praying for you. Praying that the Cornerstone team arrives safely tomorrow and that our great God shows His power and grace in many ways. We love you……

  9. Maureen Read

    It’s not just on the mission field. You felt that way before you went too. But now it is compounded with homesickness and the strange culture, — even though you may not be aware of it.

    We walk by faith, not by sight. We will never get past all the doubts and fears that so easily beset us. We simply hang on for dear life. “Lord, to whom else should we go?” There is no one else. Blessings….

  10. Debbie Hartsell

    Dear Mel,
    You’re such a sweetheart. I love the way you share from your heart. Sometimes that truthful cry is ‘better than a hallalujah’ as Amy Grant sings, to our Father. Keep in mind that you’ve been through so much this month…for one, your emotions are still resetting after your pregnancy coupled with the devastating storm. Hang in there girl! You have a wonderful husband and 2 beautiful daughters that are all safe from the storm. Give yourself a little time to heal from the past turmoil. God will surely restore you and John. Our prayers are definitely with you. We have a God, a Father, a Savior who loves us and cares for us deeply. Be still and let Him love you. Let Him speak peace to your souls. We’re holding you up in prayer!

  11. Dennis & Barb

    Dear John & Mel,

    You guys must be so exhausted! We hope that the team arrived safely and that they are a help and encouragement to you. Wanted you to know that we are informing the whole IM gang about your situation via the November e-link. Lots of folks will be praying! May you “be strengthened by the grace that is in Christ Jesus (2 Tim. 2:1, ESV).” The NIV Study Bible indicates that the words “still waters” or “quiet waters” in Ps. 23:2 literally mean “ ‘waters of resting places,’ i.e. restful waters – waters that provide refreshment and well-being. We will pray that God will rejuvenate and renew you.

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