Christmas 2011

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We found Ellis sitting in a box of bibles.  She is ready to spread the hope of our Lord Jesus Christ! Getting everything set up. The mess before.
this is Evangeline's pink tree. John was in charge of putting lights on the tree. The decorators. Whitney was with us all day and she was such a great helper!
They were both riding John's infamous "horsey". Ellis's purple tree. My treasured nativity.
The kids nativity.  Which was thrashed minutes after I took this.  That is why it's for kids. John hanging ornaments from the ceiling. Evangeline's tree in our house.
We are sleeping by the Christmas tree tonight.  Notice the dog? This angle is so cute! Three happy sleepers awaiting Santa.
Photos 1 - 15 out of 16 | Back to Albums
Location: Belize

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