One Day More

I’m writing this in the car so I can pass the time away. The GPS says we only have 96.5 miles to go. It’s been a long day. It started at 6 am central time and will end at 8:30 pm mountain time, you do the math, I’m too tired. We did make some stops along the way…

We stopped at the Waffle House to meet some friends from John’s past, the Shorts. We had a great time with them. Then we stopped at the “Big Texan”, a place where if you eat a 72 oz steak in an hour, you get it for free. We did not do that, but we did have steaks for lunch (we’ve been eating cheaply so we could go to the Big Texan). It looks like a tourist trap, but it’s very cool. I highly recommend it.
Traveling through Texas was not easy for me. Very boring and flat. Once we crossed over to New Mexico, it was beautiful. We drove with a sunset for about three hours. Gorgeous.

Tomorrow is our last day of traveling, we will arrive at our new home with relief. We are excited but it feels so weird. In a way this trip has felt temporary and that we will be back in our little Hartsville apartment in a few days. Then I hop out of the car and am reminded that we’re hauling all our belongings cross-country, with a lot of unknowns.

People have asked us many questions about what we will do once in Arizona, will I have a job, and this and that. All are very good questions. But some things we just don’t know. Here is what we know: God is with us. Really and truly, we sense His very presence. Surely He has taken this journey with us. The other thing that we know is that we are being welcomed with open arms by a loving new church family. Praise the Lord! This is all we need to know.

2 thoughts on “One Day More

  1. Debbie

    It has been really fun ‘traveling with you’! I’m relieved that you are nearly there and safe. We’ll still be praying as you make your last part of the trip and as you launch into your new world. You are so right about all you need to know is God is with you and has your path prepared. He is an awesome God and King, yet He chooses to call us friends thru His Son Jesus!
    Praise the Lord!

  2. Donna

    I have enjoyed taking the journey with you (no fanny fatigue here at home). And looking forward to the next installment. All any of us really knows is that either God is with us or He isn’t… blessed….I missed you in the choir Sunday 🙂

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