One Day Christian

Persecution comes in many forms. For villagers who are Christians, it comes in the form of relentlessly being teased by other villagers as to what they perceive the Christians spiritual life is like. Even if they have no idea. Many villagers here see Christians going to church that they feel are not truly Christians. They judge very harshly. They concentrate on all the mistakes and sin problems they see in others lives but are blinded by their own depravity. One way they tease is that they call the Christian a “One Day Christian”. Meaning they go to church one day but return to their old ways the next. The women have been explaining this saying to me but it was Tuesday that I finally got to witness it first hand.

I was picking up a friend of mine, Tiffara, for Tuesday Bible study. I called out from the jeep for her and a man standing on the porch called out “One day Christian!, Oh, one day Christian! Your white person is here to pick you up. ” So I said, “She is not a one day Christian.” He laughed of course. Tiffara was clearly embarrassed at his teasing. I said to him as I drove away, “Better to be a one day Christian than a no day Christian.” Now, I’m not sure if that was the most appropriate response, but he was clearly taken aback. I just wanted they guy to think about what he was saying. I don’t know if I accomplished my goal, probably not, but I felt for my friend and wanted to come to her defense. I finally understood what they had been telling me these past few months, and I’m sure it gets worse than that.

Thursday was the beginning of the the resurrected sports ministry for men. They play basketball, a short testimony is given and then we feed them hot dogs or a light snack. John’s goal in all of this is to build relationships with the men and gain their respect, then hopefully he can share with them Christs love on a one-on-one basis. It went very well, everyone had fun, John met a lot of men, and they were very thankful for the food and fun.

Right now, we are working hard preparing for the two July teams that are coming back to back. Please be in prayer for us. Much of our ministry is about challenging Americans to look at missions in a whole new way. We also pray that God would reveal to us those who are struggling or have not experienced God’s saving grace. John and I are compiling some mission’s talks that challenge those who come here to step outside of themselves. Thank you for praying for us.

2 thoughts on “One Day Christian

  1. mark h

    I too am a one day Christian. I need Gods grace everyday because that is how often I sin, but He gives me grace everyday. It is nice to wake up every morning knowing that God will once again give me grace. That is why we need our daily bread. We need God daily. I am proud to walk daily with my Jesus.

  2. Valerie Wilson

    You have your work cut out for you there, Melissa. I like what Mark said, we all are one day Christians, one day at a time we face our sin and surrender to God’s will to the best of our abilities. I pray that Christ’s love will put a barrier of protection around Tiffara, and others like her, and keep their faith strong in the midst of persecution. The rewards will be great. Love, Val

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