On our way through the village- A picture post

On our rides from our house to the village we encounter various things that would be strange, unique, or breathtaking to an American. Here are some photos that I thought you would find interesting along with an explanation.

This is the road that goes through the village:


Here is the view of the lagoon from our house. God’s glory.


This is the largest house in the village. It is NOT a typical village home. This is a vacation home for someone who grew up in the village and went on to be a lawyer.


Miss Alice’s house, where we eat lunch every Sunday.


Gentle’s Cool Spot: The only place to go to for a dinner date.


No matter how many times we pass, these dogs still bark at us.


The Angelican church in the village meets every third Sunday.


There is a small flock of sheep in the village.

If you knew how difficult it is to get in and out of the village, you too would ask, “How did this get here?”


The village dock.


Village graveyard. Families have been buried here for generations.


This is a typical house in the village. This is also an example of the homes that the Belize Mission builds for the villagers.


Galilee Gospel Chapel: The church we attend and serve in.


Beautiful mural painted on the side of the church.


The village horse.


The Community Center.


A cute little restaurant that is open on big holidays. Hoping for it to be open regularly very soon.


A typical Belizean fire hearth. The hearth is found outside, separate from the house. It is usually enclosed or at least has a roof on it.


It’s a jungle out here!


We hope you have enjoyed our “tour”. We have grown to love and appreciate many aspects of Gales Point. What would seem strange or surprising to an American has become normal to us and simply a way of life. It is truly a unique village in a unique setting. Our love for the people of this village only grows.



10 thoughts on “On our way through the village- A picture post

  1. Paul & Phyllis Hull

    That was a good tour of the village but you have to have been there or lived there to really get the real picture. I guess you could say that about any place. Our thoughts and prayers have been with you as you continue to serve. We know the it’s not easy on you and your family. We trust that the jeep is still working so you can get around. Love and prayers

  2. Natasha

    Awesomeness! Thank you for sharing!!! I miss y’all and know that I am praying with you!

  3. Donna Chapman

    Oh I loved getting to see your village…..words could never have described it as well as these photos. I’m so glad you and your family are happy serving the Lord there in Gales Point. Hopefully, one day I will get to visit you there. “God, please bless Mel and John and their children…meet all their needs Lord, according to YOUR riches in Glory! Amen!”

  4. Jodi

    Thanks for sharing pics…..always love to see pics of village and your family. It’s a beautiful place God has called you.
    Love and prayers…..

  5. Louise Bond

    Thank you so much for the photos of your village. Very special.

    Prayers and hugs, Louise Bond

  6. Sheri Loepke

    Hi Mel,
    I enjoy reading your blog to see updates. Do you have a picture of your house? I would like to see it, so I can get a mental image of where you live. God Bless you and your little family.

  7. Evan

    I love the updates too 🙂 The church has gotten a beautiful paint job since Feb and the pictures are great. Praying for you all <3

  8. Caroline P.

    We loved taking this “tour” of your home! Such a beautiful place. We are so happy God has blessed you with the ability to adapt and thrive and be blessings to others in this new home place of yours! Before Matthew graduates high school (6 more years) we hope that he and Jeff will be able to come down there and help out and do whatever needs doing! Me too, if my health is good. Love your updates, Mel. Keep them coming. We love all of you!

  9. Jodi Strava

    Thank you for sharing these. I’m a visual person so this is a real treat! May God continue to bless the work you are doing there at Gale’s Point.

  10. Cameryn

    I miss this!

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