Mother’s Day and other Things

Yesterday we had a great Mothers Day. We were again invited to spend the day with Jason and Leah and their family. We had a cookout/pool party. It was a great time of fellowship. We are by now getting to know the family better and really feel like we have a surrogate family, thanks to Leah who is a “friend to the friendless.” I Love Lucy fans will understand that quote. Below are pictures of our Mother’s Day pool party.

We continue to push forward in this MPD process. Frustrating at times, but mostly very rewarding. If you go to our main page you will see that our support is going up! PTL. Please begin praying for the Belize dinner we will be having on May 17th. There is much work to be done for this event. We are excited and waiting to see what God will do at this event.


Left to right: Ann (Leah’s aunt), Leah (Friend to the Friendless), Me (Friendless no more thanks to Leah)


Left to right: Jason (Leah’s Hubby), John (best hubby ever), Jack (Ann’s son, same size and age as my nephew, Jack)

4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day and other Things

  1. Kristin

    Good pictures. Glad you had such a nice day. Love, Mom B.

  2. Leah

    LOL, oh man I am never going to live that down…”Friend to the Friendless” it sounds like a quote at a dog shelter…

  3. Leah

    i look so pale compared to you and Anne. I think you are supposed to ask people before you post picture of them at the pool…HAha… LOL…jk
    Can’t wait for the dinner!!!

  4. Mel and John, We are so glad you have made new friends. I hardly find you to be the friendless type, you under estimate yourselves!! However, I know how hard it is at times to find friendship, it took me 4 years down here to be able to call someone a friend that I felt was really a friend, still they aren’t quite like the friends I have back home! Glad Mother’s Day was spent with new family and loved ones! Love, Ma and Pa

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