MD, PA, NY and DE

The above title is where we hope to have meetings in the near future with churches. So far, we have a couple of meetings in NY and maybe MD. Please pray for us about PA and DE, and possibly NC. We are working hard to get the remainder 30%.

Right now, we are in MD, calling churches and setting up meetings. We are also awaiting the marriage of my sister, Nicole, to her beloved, Chad (or as I like to call him, lovingly of course, Chaz). I am a happy bridesmaid because 1) my sis is getting married and 2) I get to wear a pretty dress and feel “girly” all day. (Yes, I know, a vain reason, but every girly-girl LOVES dressing up once in a while.)

After the wedding we will continue our support raising efforts and go on a much needed three day vaction to Ocean City with our family. Some friends were very generous in letting us use their beach property. Thanks to them, we get a small break in the midst of MPD craziness.

It is really hard not to let this process “get to us”. There are SO MANY highs but also many lows. Our faith is tested daily. Even so, we keep pressing on knowing that God will provide.

As you all know, I don’t normally make it a practice to ask for funds on this blog. It’s crunch time now, and we are stepping out on faith here. If you or a church you know might be interested or is interested in supporting us please contact us via e-mail by clicking the “contact us” link on the right side of this blog. Thanks so much. We love you all and covet your prayers.

2 thoughts on “MD, PA, NY and DE

  1. Leah

    Please post pictures from the wedding!!!

  2. Donna Chapman

    Enjoy Ocean City….I went there growing up and in High School!

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