Keep Praying!

Hi everyone! We are going to start raising support this month so please pray for us! We need your prayers more than ever now. Please pray that God will guide us through this sometimes very difficult and stressful time. We have already been blessed by two churches who have committed to supporting us.

We are going to try to get a support-o-meter on the side of our website along with a list of those who have supported us (unless they would like to remain anonymous). Keep checking.
Well, until next time.

EDIT: Support-o-meter is there.

2 thoughts on “Keep Praying!

  1. That’s awesome to hear that you already have 2 churches on board. Hope everything goes well with your trip to Arizona next month.

  2. You guys are awesome and so is our GOD! The 3 of you as a team, and with Basil and I praying on this end, it’ll be a cinch! Can’t wait till you join us full time!!!! Loving you, Ma

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