In the Palm of His Hand

Rainy season has begun. For the past two days, it has been storming almost non-stop. It is a well kept secret of mine (not anymore) that I am fearful of storms. It’s true. I do not like them, they make me feel very vulnerable. My family likes to tease me about a time when I was about seven and it was storming outside. I was in a car and I had to go from the car to an office building and I was terrified and crying. Although now the fear is not that extreme, I still have a healthy respect for storms.

The storming is not the only problem. When it rains like it has been, the roads get washed out and we can not pass. We tried to go to Belmopan (capital of Belize) today to get our worker’s permits and some medication I need. Normally, we would not try this because we knew the road would likely be flooded, but I need the medication to take care of an infection so we decided to try. The roads were awful and flooded and we could not pass.

John and I got to talking about how, out here, we are completely vulnerable. Our dependency has to totally rest on the Lord. We have to put our full trust in Him that he will care for us and watch over us no matter how serious the circumstance. We met a guy on the road who is building on some property that he calls “The Last Frontier”, so that should give you a good idea of where we are. We are in a place where if we let it, fear could consume us. So far, I’m doing well to bring my fears to Jesus. We also have great evidence in Vera and Basil that God will take care of us since He has taken such great care of them. I guess when we are faced with the reality of our living conditions, we realize how much we need to rest in the palm of God’s hand.

PS From John: I KNEW I should have got that snorkel kit for the Jeep…we could have made it if we had deep-water crossing capabilities…

6 thoughts on “In the Palm of His Hand

  1. Caroline P.

    There is no better place to be than right in the palm of His hand! Will pray that all your needs are met no matter what the weather and that you will get your meds soon. Thank you for sharing from your heart with us. We love y’all.

  2. Paul & Phyllis Hull

    We sure take things forgranted living here in the states. If we need something, we just go get it. I’m sure it’s a real adjustment. I know first hand my lack of faith many times when I bring my concerns and worries to Him. Often I take them back forgetting that He is in control and all my worry doesn’t do anything but get me upset. God wants me to trust Him and leave it there.

    A brand new believer, how exciting!!!! Heaven in celebrating!!!! Someone planted, someone watered and you were able to harvest. What Joy!!! Our prayers are with her and you and you help her to grow and face the challenges ahead. God is faithful.

  3. Diane

    Sing to the Lord a new song. Sing to the Lord the glory due His Name. My prayer is that you will learn to worship Him in a new way, and in turn, will sense His closeness and love in ways you wouldn’t have noticed before when all the material things and trappings of American life were at your fingertips. Know that you are loved and prayed for. As you learn and share with us, I pray we’ll learn, too, following your example.

  4. Evan

    Since you can’t get to the medication – we’ll be praying for healing!!!! Now 🙂

  5. donna Chapman

    I’m praying! I love what Diane said……

  6. Jodi

    Praying for you guys……and God”s hand on you for healing!! Let us know if there is anything else we can do !!

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