I Dream of Monday Night Dinners

One night we had Italian from Giada de Lorentes, another it was a scrumptious salad from Ina Garten, the next Monday it was a homemade french strawberry tart from Julia Child. What restaurants were we going to? Home. When we lived with the Murnighans we had what we called “Monday Night Dinner”. No matter what, we were all gathered around the table fellowshipping with each other and eating gourmet food. Usually Rachel or I made the dinners or we did them together. We would seek out recipes and try them. ANYTHING was game.

Why is this important now? I don’t really know. Maybe it was the comfort of family, the warmth that only a really good bowl of leek and potato soup with french bread can bring, or maybe I’m just hungry. Every now and then, like today, I think of those dinners. I miss the variety of food in the states, I miss all of the flavors. I miss being able to jump in the car and run a mile to the grocery store and get fresh strawberries or butter. I miss my friends and family… all of them. And I am hungry, very hungry. LOL! I’m not starving but I’m so hungry for things I can’t get. Such as apples, peaches, berries, steak, American milk, McDonald’s hamburgers, In and Out burger, Zaxby’s, just about anything. And really, I’m pregnant, so I’m just plain hungry.

On these hungry days, I dream of Monday Night dinners. I also dream of fellowship with my American family and friends. New friendships are being forged here but sometimes I need the familiar. So maybe in my dreams tonight I will be cooking with you Raechel, or eating your tacos with the family, mom. Maybe we will be eating with the Millers and Lorg’s at Pei Wei, or John’s mom’s pot roast with dad and grandma and grandpa. Dreams or memories, we think about you and love you. Goodnight, see you soon.

8 thoughts on “I Dream of Monday Night Dinners

  1. Evan

    We miss them (AND YOU 3) too!!!

  2. Dave

    Hey, what about gourmet Little Debby Christmas tree cakes with me, huh? I feel so left out.

    Mel Reply:

    Ah, yes! I did forget those. BTW you better bring me some when you come!

  3. Valerie

    “By his divine power, God has given us everything we need for living a godly life. We have received all of this by coming to know him, the one who called us to himself by means of his marvelous glory and excellence.” 2 Peter 1:3 (NLT)
    Jesus will be your Monday night dinner companion, Melissa, let Him satisfy your hunger. Hang in there as you get through this difficult adjustment period. And give our adorable granddaughter a huge hug and kiss from us!

  4. Rachael

    I miss those days more than anything right now. Like you said, what a precious time! I love you!

    It’s just not Monday without a good “Amazing” joke or two over a Mel salad.

  5. Ma

    I agree with Valerie, she said it so well! I pray that it is comforting to know that Jesus is at your table every night, don’t discredit His companionship! Love you and am looking forward to the day that you and I can cook together at the base.

    Mel Reply:

    Not discrediting that Jesus is here for me at all. I know He is. He has gotten me through. The problem is, I’m human. Just writing from the heart.

  6. Mom

    The brighter side: I’m glad you are hungry—-that means the “morning sickness” has subsided. 🙂 And how wonderful that you have so many precious memories! I wish we could send you “a little bit of home” with family or teams that come down. Start making your non-perishable list! We were able to brighten Paul & Lori’s lives in Zambia that way and want to do the same for you, our dear ones. Love you, miss you, praying for you. XOXOXO

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