Here then There

What is precious to you? What is of value? What do those words mean to you? Because of the nature of our job, John and I have very little material things. That does not make us more sacrificing than others, for people sacrifice in other ways, but it means we place value on different things. We have several boxes filled with papers and pictures of the past. Every time we move we have to decide what stays and what goes. It always ends in most things staying, yet these are the things we value most but not practical to take with us to another country. We sit among and sift through the papers, we work our way through the “remember whens” and discuss the “what if’s”. We put the memories back in the box, sadly, and for me tearfully. I know I’m leaving behind the memories and will open them again in about 4-5 years.

So here we are, very close to our goal of being at 100% and we are sifting and sorting. It never gets easier. Going through the memories and leaving them behind always takes me to a more important thought: Leaving family and friends behind, knowing that life will go on without us. That’s life, it’s the natural course of things, and of course we want our family and friends to continue living, learning, and laughing without us. But it hurts all the same. The knowledge that in a few months we will be hugging and shaking hands, visiting family for the last time, is so bittersweet. There is no better word to describe it. Bitter because the relationships with our family and friends will change, and so sweet because we know that we are doing EXACTLY what the Lord has for us to do.

For now, we are “here” and we will savor every second we have. We will say our goodbyes well and get the hugs in while we can. Soon we will be “there” and we are so very excited. There we will forge new friendships, build new memories, and enjoy the fellowship of our team members. Here, then there, then here, then there, this cycle for a missionary continues… oh but what an adventure God takes us on!

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for 9 more individual supporters and 2 more churches to meet our goal.
  • Pray for our Start up costs to come in we cannot leave without having these costs 100% raised.
  • Pray four the hearts of our kids, for they are hurting because of the “goodbyes”.
  • Pray that John and I will always remain faithful to the Lord.