Here is “The Scoop”

We are returning from our trip to the Bay Area to meet with Basil, Vera and the board of the Belize Mission. Basically, what we found out is that although Basil’s kidneys are not fully functioning, he’s optimistic about being able to return to Belize next month. By changing his diet and such, he hopes to maintain his health and be able to serve in Belize for some time.

We met with the other board members and had a good time getting acquainted with them. They wanted to sit down with us and brainstorm how we can continue to raise our support at a fairly fast rate so we could be in Belize by our target time (summer 2009), or at the very latest before the end of the year. Some good ideas have come up and we’ll be pursuing some of those in the coming weeks.

Evangeline is traveling like a champ. Everywhere we go, people are shocked by how alert and happy she is. Hopefully, she’ll continue this trend, as she’s probably got a lot of travel in her near future. At times it’s a struggle to maintain schedule, but it seems to be paying off in a big way. Thanks for all your prayers. Keep us in your prayers as we travel home…we’ve been having some minor issues with the vehicle we’re using and we’re hoping it’ll be reliable til we arrive home. Also, keep Vera in your prayers are she returns on her own to Belize to host a team on the 17th. Also, remember us as we continue to seek some new team members to join us in the next couple years.