Green Eggs and Easter?

I wrote this almost a month ago. Enjoy!

The other day John and Basil went to Dangriga because the team that is coming on Monday is going to repaint the school. At the hardware store they went to John found a “Hello Kitty” Easter egg decorating set. He got it as a surprise for Evangeline and I. I was surprised and excited to do this project as a family. Our first Easter together dying eggs. So fun! When I opened the package today I realized that the packet with the dye tablets had all dissolved and mixed together (this is not surprising because most everything melts or dissolves here). I split the dye into five separate piles. Some were darker than others, some had specks of yellow and pink. I did this in vain though because when it dissolved in the water the colors were different shades of green. “Oh well, we’ll just have green eggs.” Another fact: all eggs here are brown. Do I have to tell you that the eggs are ugly? I think not.

We had fun laughing about the ugly shades of green, some worse than others. Evangeline did not care. She seemed to have fun with what little she understood about dying Easter Eggs. So below are pictures of our Easter egg dying fun. It’s a good thing we celebrate Jesus and not eggs and decorations on Easter.

Also below you will see pictures of a youth fund raiser I attended in the village. This was hosted by Jill. A woman who considers herself a “good person” but she is not a Christian. She is an American married to a Belizean named Emmith (pronounced Emit). They are both “good people” who want to see improvements in Gales point. They just don’t get that the changes need to be with the heart. Any way, we had a fun time searching for a candy bag and chatting with the locals.

Please pray for John and I and Basil as we gear up to host another team on Monday. Also as John and I begin to plan to revive two ministries in the village very soon. One will be a sports ministry for the men (this will be more of a time for John to get to know the village men rather than evangelistic, these men know the gospel, now they have to put it into action), the other the continuation of the woman’s bible study. I have a few new women coming to this one and I appreciate your prayers for this study. Please Pray for Shelly and Dianna; they have been to the study before but stopped coming. Also pray for Denise, I plan on inviting her but she feels as if the church is full of hypocrites.

I feel like I’ve given all the information I can right now. There is so much more to tell, so many thoughts that run through my mind daily. Thank you all for your encouragement.

8 thoughts on “Green Eggs and Easter?

  1. Beth

    Great pictures, Mel! I think the eggs are adorable!! E is getting so so big and I love the pigtails!! Prayers for the three of you!!

  2. Green eggs and ham? Havent I heard that before?
    You have a computer now?


    John Reply:

    Sorta. We have an old laptop that my Dad gave me. It’s at least 7 years old. It doesn’t charge unless it’s on the docking station, so it’s not very portable. BUT, it does work and allows us to get our work done, so we’re very grateful for it!

  3. Leah

    I think those eggs look great! Really enjoyed the pictures.

  4. Donna Chapman

    Glad you are back “on line” and able to post pictures as well 🙂

    Okay today we start praying for Dianna, Denise, Shelly, BIble Study and John’s sports ministry……oh and teams coming. Got’cha back girl!

  5. Melissa's Mom

    I don’t think we ever decorate eggs has pretty as those in the picture. Those are the prettiest green eggs I had ever seen. Love them.

  6. Rachael

    Ha! I think they’re beautiful! …Like those chicken eggs from the organic farm… Only just a little bit greener… 😀

  7. Laurie Carter

    Those are great pictures Mel! And the eggs are beautiful!! (I love green…). I pray for Shelly a lot. How is she doing? And Denise as well. I will be praying for all of them regarding this bible study.

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