Every Blessing You Pour Out I’ll Turn Back to Praise

After I wrote my last post I remembered something. An acquaintance, named Julie, from my home church in MD, told me about her friends that are missionaries in Belize. This was about two years ago. Also, about two years ago, these very missionaries wrote John and I and told us to look them up once in Belize. I remembered them saying that they lived somewhere other than Belize City. Dare I hope that they live in the same city that hosts the border from Mexico into Belize?

Well, I found the e-mail, and, sure enough, they live in Corozal, the border town. All I had to do was e-mail them, but on such short notice I had no idea if they would answer or if they were still in Belize. I wrote them anyway. An hour later I had an e-mail from Mary Ann (the Corozal missionary) telling me that she was not in town but her husband indeed was and he would be more than willing to meet me in Corozal and help me with whatever I needed. Not only that, but she gave me great tips on how to drive there and what to look out for and where to turn and when. She also told me about a police check-point and tolls.

Blessing upon blessing! Praise you Lord!

All I have to do is call him when I get there. Just so happens that a familiar landmark resort called “Tony’s” is a place where they are known and well respected, so that is where we will be meeting. He will hook me up with a phone and hopefully I can get in touch with John.

Blessing upon Blessing. Praise you Lord!

Another neat thing that happened tonight is dinner. I ventured out to find a pay phone to call Basil and noticed all the stores were closed. It’s Sunday, and it’s Belize, and I think everything closes at 3 on Sundays? That is my guess. Any way I was relying on a store being open so I could shop for dinner. Not possible (restaurants were closed too). I noticed that the fruit and vegetable stand was still open so I went in there and got some oranges and bananas. But what about dinner? Then I remembered this avocado salsa recipe that my friend, Amy, shared with me. All I needed were avocado, cilantro, and lime. The stand had all three. Evangeline ended up eating noodles and a banana and I just now finished my salsa with plantain chips and I had banana bread that I bought and saved.

Blessing upon blessing, Praise you Lord!

Please continue to pray for our journey in the morning. Know that God is with us and taking care of us.

9 thoughts on “Every Blessing You Pour Out I’ll Turn Back to Praise

  1. Amy Lorg

    Oh I am so relieved. We will still be praying for you tomorrow, but this situations sounds so much better. I am glad the salsa worked out in a pinch and I may have to try it one day as a salsa w/ chips, never thought about that 🙂 God is truly faithful!

  2. Jodi Couch

    Mel, my sweet Mel …. we are praying for you guys, and I so wish I could be there with you…. Praise God that we serve a Great God!!

  3. Mom

    Once again our great God shows His uncomparable love and faithfulness. His Holy Spirit brings to our memory exactly what is needed when we call upon Him. “Call unto Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mightly things that you do not know.” We are praising Him with you, and praying that He will continue to go before you.

  4. Rachael

    Oh Mel yay! Thank you for sharing this! Thank you Jesus! Oh He just has you in His grip, eh? What an amazing praise story! Love you! 🙂

  5. Rachael

    And I am still praying of course… I have my bracelet to remind me if I forget… If that were possible 😉

  6. Evan

    What an amazing engineer He is!!

  7. Donna Chapman

    Our God Reigns!

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