Did You Forget About My Grace? -A Poem

The Lord gave me this poem today I simply wrote it down. It is not often that this happens but when it does it blesses my heart. In the morning I let my sin nature get the best of me. Let’s just say, I’ve had better moments. Yet here is this poem that He gave me to write and it reminds me once again that God chooses to use us even when we make mistakes. This poem seems to be a message to me, for in the past I did forget about his grace, but walking on to the present a future may I never forget. Here it is:

Did You Forget About My Grace?

I see you kneeling there, My Child, hands upon your face,
I hear your heart crying from your sin and your disgrace,
I want you to look into my eyes and cast your cares upon Me,
For that is when you’ll come to know that my grace is sufficient for thee.

Your thoughts are telling you that you are worthless and beyond repair,
Instead of trusting in Me, you sink deeper into despair,
Those all-consuming thoughts only lead you to a darker place,
And so I gently ask you, Dear One, did you forget about My grace?

Here I stand before you with arms stretched open wide,
And yet you are so filled with fear that you’ve pushed me to the side,
I want you to just peer up at me and see My forgiving face,
But your flesh is weak yet powerful, You’ve forgotten about My grace.

I am your Creator-God and am intimately acquainted with your ways,
I know the hairs upon your head and have numbered all your days,
You have cried to me and told me “From you, I want my space!”,
But I can’t My Child, for don’t you know, that My essence is saving grace?

So I see you try to live life by yourself and fill your empty cup,
Your sin and your depravity keep you from looking up.
You don’t understand how I could forgive such iniquities and from my mind erase,
So once again, Lost Lamb, did you forget about my grace?

The more you walk away, the less of Me you understand,
Allow Me to lead you beside quiet waters, come just take My hand,
Here I am before you absolutely desiring your embrace,
And so, Loved One, turn around and look upon Total Grace.

-Melissa Bjorgen

2 thoughts on “Did You Forget About My Grace? -A Poem

  1. Phyllis Hull

    I thought of that hymn “Grace, Grace, Gods Grace. Grace that will pardon and cleanse within. Grace that is greater than all our sin”. We are so blessed to have that Grace. Enjoyed your thoughts in your poem and being reminded of my own failure to apply God’s grace every day. Blessing on your day. May God’s Grace abound today for you dear Mel. Every day we can start new!!!

  2. Sweet words Mel. I shared it on Twitter and with a friend through private message on Facebook. The enemy does sneak in to steal our joy, but the the Lord’s love conquers all through His Amazing GRACE! <3 Jenn

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