Catch us if you can! Winter Update

John and I are in back in full swing raising support to join a church planting team in Guadalajara, Mexico. We will tell you more of that in detail in another post. We have a significant shortfall in our monthly budget due to losing some supporters and the increase in funding needed to go to Mexico. So we are not only visiting our supporting churches, we are also visiting new churches and asking for support. You can imagine that most of our time is connecting with people and churches. John has been doing most of the traveling and visiting. I wish I could go with him but Malachi needs to be here for therapy so John and I have been apart a lot of the time. Here is our schedule past and future so you can get a good idea of what “home assignment is like for a missionary:

December 19th-January 2nd (whole family)- Visit to Maryland to spend time with family and connect with supporters

January 2nd-17th (John only) Phoenix, AZ

January 10-17th (Mel and Kids) Phoenix, AZ to join John

January 17th-Feb 2nd (John Only) Washington State

Yes you counted that right, john spent 47 consecutive days away from “home base” in SC.

February 14th-17 (John and Mel)- Visit church in Webberville, MI

February 23rd-March 3rd (John, Mel, Malachi) Visit to Medina, MN

March 6th -9th (Mel only) speaking at a women’s conference in Ocean City MD

March 24th-28th (John Only)- IGNITE church planting conference in AZ

There are other visits closer to “Home Base” that we will be doing as well. So you can see how busy we are, but it is so good to reconnect with our extended church family. All over the USA we have people praying for us and supporting the work that God has called us to do. But the BEST part is that when we get up on stage at the churches and put our pictures on the screen I get to see Kenny, Una, Nadine, Robert, Shannon, Amanda and so many others that mean so much to me in Belize. I am flooded by memories of our Belizean family. The presentation reminds of of God’s FAITHFULNESS and GRACE and so much MERCY. It also reminds me of the difficult times and the mistakes we made, but then, I think that either way GOD WAS GLORIFIED. So sure, all this traveling is tough, but we love what we do. We love to tell people how He took us from the miry clay and set our feet on solid rock.

4 thoughts on “Catch us if you can! Winter Update

  1. Tom

    Praying for your safe travels!
    Hope to see you when you come to Mn, there will be plenty of snow here for ya!
    So glad we got to spend some time in Belize, special prayers for little Malachi!
    Your Brother in Christ,
    Tom Rayburn

  2. Paul & Phyllis

    Looking forward to seeing you soon. Praising the Lord for His direction for your family. Praying for your needed support and traveling mercy. Onward

  3. Dan & Jenni

    So glad to hear of your pushing onward toward Mexico and what God has for you.
    Blessings on each of you. Still remember meeting you for the 1st time at Cross
    Point Bible and getting to hold little (big–really) Malachi for a time and how he touched my heart. We continue to pray, asking God to use you everywhere you go.

    Mel Reply:

    Dan and Jenni, are you following us on facebook? find me at Melissa Bjorgen and I will get you plugged in to our Mexico Facebook group.

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