Better than Last Year

Our hearts have been so blessed by the Lord this thanksgiving. God gave us such a sweet time with each other and our girls. Nothing grand happened, we just spent time together and had a marvelous couple of days.

My phrase to John this last week has been “This is better than last year”. I’ve said it a lot. I was sick last Thanksgiving, had a newborn baby, and just went through a hurricane. It was so stressful. Compared to this year that is so peaceful. We are grateful to God that He has granted us our health. We may not have it tomorrow or two weeks from now, He can give and take away, but at this moment He has seen fit to give us a precious gift. Health. Thank you Lord.

It is exciting times for us here as new things are on the horizon, and there is an air of excitement in our hearts and a looking forward to what God has planned. Even though we know the future road may be a difficult one, there is great anticipation in knowing we are doing what the Lord has asked of us.

These are not the only reasons why this holiday season is better. I was sitting on a swing today watching the kids play with John feeling a great peace and contentment. Thinking, “Why is this year REALLY better?” And the answer that came back was “Because you and John have grown”. Those pains from last season are bearing fruit this season. Amen. We have seen the glory of God and what He can do. How He can work in others lives and in our lives and it is AMAZING. We have tasted a bitter fruit only to find that it was to young to be eaten and we have now tasted it again and it is ripe. Amen. We have recently been through disappointments yet we still feel peace and joy. Thank you Lord!

Our journey is far from over, there are still lessons to learn and trials to go through. But for now, we thank God that this season is better than last year, not because of us but because of HIM. Praise you Lord!

5 thoughts on “Better than Last Year

  1. Donna Chapman

    Oh, Mel I am so glad you are seeing fruit come from the trials you guys have endured. May you continue to see Him in all that comes your way. God bless.

    DC Girl2

  2. Paul & Phyllis Hull

    Thank you Lord for the precious family time you gave John, Mel and girls. What a blessing to hear them praising you through hard times as well as the good. Thank you for their faithfulness.

  3. Jennifer Bjorgen

    I say “Amen” to what Donna & Phyllis have said. There is great peace to know that God is using all these things for your good and His glory. As the hymn says, “The flame shall not hurt you, I only design your dross to consume and your gold to refine.”

  4. ED

    One of Jason Gray’s songs “Help me, Thank you” has a line in it: “The wounds of yesterday, might be y saving grace today” Those words popped into my head as I read your missive today… I am pleased you are having a “better time.” In Him, ED


    So good to hear from you and your praise for our DEAR GOD and each other. We had Thanksgiving here. Just Uncle Dennis and Aunt Robin and Aunt Patty came with ham and yeast rolls; Dennis made green bean casserole. We are happy to have left overs. Mom called this evening—telling about your Christmas tree. Good to hear you say you are not up tight—making the work more enjoyable.Good to hear from you. Gr. Ma and Gr.Pa Nelson.

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