Beautiful Baptisms

We were beaming from ear to ear on Sunday. Something that can only be attributed to the Glory of God happened. Three people were baptized. Ashely Kidder, an MK was baptized. She is such a sweet girl with a tender heart to the Lord, and we are so happy she made that step. The other two were our good friends Robert and Nadine. God has captured their hearts in a mighty way. John and I are praising the Lord. We can not describe the joy we feel in our hearts, it is only the joy that the Lord can give. Seeing them grow in the Lord and put their faith in Jesus has been an indescribable encouragement from our Heavenly Father. I am finding myself at a loss for words, so I will let the pictures do the talking. Please take a moment to offer a prayer of thanksgiving to God for His wonderful works in the village of Gales Point Manatee.


Us with Nadine and Robert with their three kids. They have two girls and a boy as well!



Nadine and I. She has become such a great friend.



Robert’s Baptism. He is saying “Yes, I follow Jesus Christ!” Amen!



Raised to walk in a new life with Him! Thank you Lord.


Nadine’s Baptism. Buried in the likeness of His death.

10 thoughts on “Beautiful Baptisms

  1. Leah Miller

    Exciting! Thanks for sharing. Love to see the pics!

  2. Leslie Sams

    Praising God for this! Sharing this great news with our Church Family also, Cross Point Bible Fellowship of Vienna, Ohio–it is a blessing and privilege to support your ministry.

  3. Phyllis Hull

    Wow!!! We are excited to see how the Lord in working in the village. Continuing to pray for God’s mighty power to continue to work in hearts. So glad you have a good friend and sister in the Lord. We all need a close friend.

  4. Mom Bjorgen

    I want to echo Phyllis’s comments. Praising the Lord with you for Robert & Nadine, what this means for their family and the village, and that the Lord has blessed you by allowing you to see the fruit of your labor in these precious transformed lives.

  5. Donna Chapman

    I just love the picture of your two families, white and black, side by side in Christ. I am so proud to be a partner of y’alls… glad to have known you way back when before you signed on for this life changing journey….thank you for sharing it with us! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

  6. Stephanie S

    Love seeing this!

  7. Eric Radcliff


  8. Jodi Strava

    Praise God!

  9. Mike Flinchum

    Great story, great pictures, and great joy!

  10. Karyn White

    Exciting news! So glad you have a good friend in Nadine!

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