A Weekend Adventure

This weekend, we went with our friends Jason and Leah, to Flagstaff AZ to go to a Casting Crowns concert. Flagstaff is in the mountains so it was a welcome change from the heat of the valley. After a quick visit to Montezuma’s Castle, a yummy lunch in beautiful Sedona, twisty roads and a visit to Barnes and Noble we were comfortably relaxing in our hotel room.

When it came time for dinner, we ended up at a questionable Denny’s, ate quickly and headed for the concert. We spent about an hour in the “Will Call” line, but eventually found a comfortable grassy spot in the outdoor amphitheater. The concert was wonderful. If you have not heard of Casting Crowns, well, they are only one of the most popular Christian groups around. Most of their songs are straight from scripture and at the end of the concert they gave a crystal clear gospel presentation. Another plus is that they sound EXACTLY like they do on their CD. They all have wonderful voices.

So we were all refreshed and ready to head home the next day. We had a wonderful brunch at a local dive in Flagstaff (props to Leah for finding it.) On our way home we stopped at an outlet center and did some shopping, we all found great deals. I spent my time in the Motherhood Maternity store. John found some shirts at PacSun, and Jason and Leah got some major loot for a great price at the Gap Outlet.

I would like to give a shout out to my Hubby and Jason and Leah, for putting up with a cranky and emotional pregnant lady (I wonder who?) at times. They exercised a lot of grace. I love them all! Enjoy the pictures below!

Montezuma’s Castle

Leah and I on the “Castle” grounds

Jason and Leah relaxing before the concert.

John and I cuddling under a blanket enjoying the concert. It was about 55 degrees.

2 thoughts on “A Weekend Adventure

  1. Mom

    Thanks so much for sharing your weekend with us. I really enjoyed the pictures. Love you!

  2. Katy Short

    As I looked at the picture of the two of you under the blanket, it made me think of John’s mom and dad. The two of you look rather like his parents at the same age. I wondered if you, Mel, married a man that rather resembles your dad. Isn’t God wonderful in his ways and workings.

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