A Quick Update

Just to let you know, we are doing very well. We have not updated our meter, but it looks like we are right around 76-77%. We’ll do the math later.

It is our goal to be at 80% by Monday. We still have several days to accomplish this. However, we have no idea where it will come from, or if it is in God’s will for it to happen. We just keep praying. Here’s the deal: It takes about $50 per percent maybe a little bit more. So we need about $200-$250 dollars a month more to make it to 80%. Are you all following me? I tell you this so you all can pray specifically with us. Pray, and watch God work.

More later.

2 thoughts on “A Quick Update

  1. Girrrrrl, I hear you! Sounds like progress is being made…it’s unbeliezable!

  2. Niki Martin

    Hey Jon and Mel! I miss you guys and I just wanted to let you know that me and Mary Elizabeth have been praying for you guys! We’re trying to raise money to send to help boost that progress for support! God bless šŸ™‚

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