A fish, a Prayer, and a Bucket of Warm Water

A Fish: Yesterday I was telling my Belizean friend Doris, how I love fresh fish. She was going fishing and it sounded so good. She came back with three. Later that day I saw her walking to the beach and I asked her what she was doing. She said, “I am going to clean this fish and cook it up for you.” I was so touched, Doris met a need and want that I had to have fish. She took the time to clean it and cook it for me, and it was soooooooo good. It was a reminder to me how how Jesus wants us to be fishers of men.

A Prayer: Last night, I shared with the team that I felt the need to have them pray for John and his travels with Stanely. Also, for me that I would not be consumed with worry and anxiety. These are things that I have been redeemed from but they still creep up on me. They laid hands on me and prayed and this morning I am at peace knowing God will reunite us. Please keep them in your prayers as they travel the next few days. I don’t know if John will get a chance to post, but as soon as I know something, you will know.

A Bucket: I’m praising the Lord that I was able to heat up some water last night and put it in a bucket so I could have warm water to “bathe”. There would have been a time that nothing was better than a hot bath, but last night a bucket of hot water was AWESOME, it could have been a hot bubble bath to me. It’s been cool here so not having to wash with very cold water is a blessing.

16 thoughts on “A fish, a Prayer, and a Bucket of Warm Water

  1. Tammy Starr

    I love you and miss you! I am praying for you and John and mom!

  2. Evan

    Ditto to what Tammy said!!! John and Rachael got everything packed and inventoried and was on his way to the airport to pick up Stanley on time. It’s sooo quiet here …..Can’t wait for November!! XOXO

    Mel Reply:

    Missing you Evan! A LOT. Love you so much!

  3. Mom

    The Lord really knows how to encourage us when we need it most. I’m glad the Lord has given you peace as the men travel. He is with us when our men are not. Ps. 18:1 & 2 “I love you, O Lord, my strength. The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer, my God, my rock, in whom I take refuge;” Evan, I am thankful that Rachael used her organizational skills to help John get packed on time. What a blessing she is! Mel, I hope there was enough warm water for your mom and Evangeline. 🙂 How is our baby doing? I hope she is feeling better. Love and prayer….

    Mel Reply:

    Mom, they were already asleep. Evangeline has been getting warm baths in a bucket every other day with “bubbles” her new favorite word. She also said “gentle” tonight.

  4. Ma

    Looks like God is at work as usual! Miss you and everyone. Please give everyone my love!!!! Talk with you guys tonight via SKYPE!!!

  5. Caroline P.

    I love this kind of post, Mel. You’ve really given us an inside look—with the ‘fish’ and the ‘bucket’—of what things are like in Belize for you. Please continue to share with us. I’m glad you have been blessed with peace about John’s travels. You will be reunited as a family soon. Praying for his safety.

    Mel Reply:

    Caroline, thanks for commenting often. You really encourage me.

  6. love you and i’m proud. hug E for me. 🙂

  7. Donna Chapman

    Ditto to Caroline’s post. Reading about people who are undergoing difficulties like you and the people in Haiti sure inspires me to suck up my minor inconveniences! Keep posting and we’ll keep praying!

    Mel Reply:

    Thank you for your prayer support. You are my Prayer Warrior!

  8. Leah Miller

    I am glad you were able to enjoy a nice warm bath, even if it was a bucket! Good for you for staying positive.

    Mel Reply:

    Leah! I miss you!

  9. Rachael

    What a beautiful insight, Mel… I sure do miss you. This house is so much less a home without you. Therefore, I am expactantly thankful for what the Lord is going to use your precious gifts to do in Gales Point. Thank you for sharing your moments with us here. Love you tons. 🙂

    Mel Reply:

    Jones! Remember Monday Night dinners RULE! And lets make sure to try to Skype every Monday.

  10. Shawn Lorg

    Ok last posting was Amy under Shawn’s name 🙂 Sounded kind of silly after I read it if it was coming from him Love ya

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