100 Women

There are 3,000 kids that go to CRIT (treatment facility for special needs kids). 3,000! That means that there are about 5,000 caretakers coming to CRIT with the kids and most of them are moms. I do see mother/father, but the main caretakers are moms. As I am with Malachi; I am primarily in charge of his care since John goes to school full time and then will work full time after that. 2-3 days a week I am at CRIT which is about 30 minutes from where we live. With the kids in school, me in language school three days out of the week at night, and Malachi’s school two days a week, and CRIT; well the schedule has been tough, we are still getting used to it, and it’s getting better by the week.

It has always been our goal from the beginning to reach out to parents with disabled kids. We have before us, a very unique opportunity to do just that. I am surrounded by parents with special needs kids. At first I was overwhelmed with the thought of trying to reach so many people. If you could just walk through the place with me, you would see never-ending need after need. I see their hurt, I know the pain they are going through. How can I reach all of these moms? It is impossible for me to get to know all the parents, but as I was thinking and praying about it, God gave me a doable number: 100. I can reach out to 100 women. I can’t be close to every one of them, but I can pray for them, I can greet them with a hug and a kiss, I can talk to them. I would like for me to get to know enough women so that every time I come to CRIT, I have someone to talk to, to bless, to share, to pray with. It’s about multiplication, you see. I reach 100 women and hopefully many of those 100 will reach out to others. God will do it. He will multiply the work.


It will be rare if I show a picture of them here, and I will not share their real names because I feel that I want to create a genuine bond with these ladies. I want them to be true friends and not just “ministry”. I want there to be mutual trust and respect and in order to do that, I can’t share everything. What I would like for you to do is to pray for these 100, whoever they may be, I have already met three. This is NOT about numbers to me, this is about relationship, God just gave me a reasonable number. Pray that God will send them my way. Pray that I will be bold. It is very difficult for me to introduce myself to a person I don’t know, but with Gods help, I can do it. Please pray that they will see me as a true friend.

Other News:

Some of you have had problems posting comments.  That is now fixed.

John is using his gifts and talents of his knowledge of computers to help people in the church we are attending for this year. He never ceases to amaze me in that department.

We are in the very beginning stages of the church plant. Dan and Melinda are “showing us the ropes”, they are excellent leaders. We are honored to work alongside them.

Mexico has school nearly year round. The kids only get a 4 week break.  They will be finished on the 15th of July. They will be going to a “Curso de Verano” (summer camp) sponsored by Johns Language school organization; and then will return to school about August 18th.

John and I continue to go to language school and improve. Our progress never seems to go as fast as we would like but we are learning “poco a poco”.

Did you know that we are on Twitter and Instagram under the name “TapatioAmericano”? Please get connected with us on there if you would like.


John and I are updating our supporting churches every time something significant is happening with the church plant. Please let us know if you are not receiving these emails. We also have a private facebook group call “Tapatio Americano”. If you or a member of your church is not connected to the facebook group, please let us know, we update that frequently.

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  1. Mel and John-
    This is an exciting post for me, and I work in a place like CRIT…kind of. Our office is on a smaller scale from the sounds of it, but I bet hundreds of families pass through our doors weekly. I seek to establish relationships, respect privacy, and pray my way through. I’m so proud of you Mel for recognizing these women (and men) as friends. We are all in this whacky world together, and we are each overwhelmed by something. Parents of kids with special needs know that patience, hope, and prayer are essential and helpful. I pray you continue to have great success poco a poco…para El Dios! Con amor, Jennifer

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